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    7 matches comment Maybe you should have a board where people can share how they became fontaholic and stuff? Fontboy
    2 matches comment I used to have a free font that looked like a Solari Split-Flap board. However I no longer seem to have it; and can not find it anywhere. Any suggestions as to where it is (and what it is called)? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flap_display_board peter
    1 matches comment have you looked at the previous posts on this board? this question has been answered many many many times... refer to http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/help/ and posts on this board let me know if you are still having trouble...
    2 matches comment [quote:652e5b2f1a="alex"] everything is programmed by me, except the current soure of communication.. the message board... yes, i generate images on the fly, grab copyrights and trademarks from the font on the fly, as well as it's name and style... saves A LOT of time.. i would be still at about 2000 fonts without programming knowledge [/quote:652e5b2f1a] That sounds great. I am developing a system like that for my templates site at: http://templates.thehotweb.net . I have pretty good programming knowlage and am developing a message board system at: http://www.nmb-community.com/nmb Currently the team consists of 4 people but we need a couple more (if you are interested :) ). Thanks, Paul
    1 matches comment Hi JRZay, just to remember those times, i hope you finally grew up in your childish and sick mind by now !! Two years later, it'd be about time ! And then when you disapeared and finally went to school to learn some manners, the board was thankfull and quieted down! Just teasing, man ! In memories of the times when we'd come twice a day to check the board wandering who-t-f JRZay insulted again and what war did he start! Goddamn, not again ! Mouahahahahah We sure had some subjects to argue about once in a while, but it was fun! Do you know what happeed to the fleapit? It closed too shortly after your filmhimmel No grudge, man! Take care !
    2 matches comment I'm trying to recreate this dash and need help identifying the font. Most interested in the white numbers and letters. The small icons for the battery, temp, and oil can would be a great bonus as well. Can someone help? Thanks in advance. Alex
    1 matches comment can you please refer to the previous posts on this board...
    1 matches comment Oh...well, then I don't know. Post this to WhatTheFont type board
    1 matches comment Yes! And thanks for your comment. And, yes, we are happy to have Mr McGee on board.
    1 matches comment ignore that message please, it was someone spamming the board with advertising and generic messages to make it look legit.

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