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    19 matches comment I desperately need this font, Cheers Edited by Heron. http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/32835
    2 matches comment "McCain" is Optima Bold (look for Humanist 601 BT) The text below is Optima Regular. They are here--> http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/optima/familytree.html Moderator-Edit: Optima is a commercial font. If you find it for free, it means it is stolen.
    2 matches comment Looks like an italic version of Optima with false small caps.
    2 matches comment Optima?
    1 matches comment Looks like Optima Bold or Black.
    1 matches comment Optima Italic
    1 matches comment Try Optima
    4 matches comment ! I added a link to the font i'm looking for. If the link is inaccessable, it's the current jersey font the English Premier League is using now. Thanks, please help out.
    1 matches comment It's customized version of Optima Demi Italic

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    Optima Black
    Optima Bold
    Optima Italic
    Optima Medium
    Optima Roman
    Optima Black Italic
    Optima Bold Italic
    Optima Demi Bold
    Optima Extra Black
    Optima Medium Italic
    Optima Demi Bold Italic
    Optima Extra Black Italic
    Optima nova® Titling
    Optima nova® Italic SC
    Optima nova® Light SC
    Optima nova® Medium SC
    Optima nova® Regular SC
    Optima nova® Bold SC
    Optima nova® Demi SC
    Optima nova® Basic 2 Value Pack
    Optima nova® Basic 3 Value Pack
    Optima nova® Condensed 1 Value Pack
    Optima nova® Demi Italic SC
    Optima nova® Light Italic SC
    Optima nova® Medium Italic SC
    Optima nova® Bold Italic SC
    Optima nova® Black
    Optima nova® Bold
    Optima nova® Demi
    Optima nova® Heavy
    Optima nova® Italic
    Optima nova® Medium
    Optima nova® Regular
    Optima nova® Bold OsF
    Optima nova® Demi OsF
    Optima nova® Italic OsF
    Optima nova® Light OsF
    Optima nova® Medium OsF
    Optima nova® Regular OsF
    Optima 2 Volume
    Optima 3 Volume
    Optima nova® Condensed Bold
    Optima nova® Condensed Demi
    Optima nova® Condensed Light
    Optima nova® Condensed Medium
    Optima nova® Condensed Regular
    Optima nova® Medium Italic
    Optima nova® Black Italic
    Optima nova® Heavy Italic
    Optima nova® Light Italic
    Optima nova® Bold Italic
    Optima nova® Demi Italic
    Optima nova® Light Italic OsF
    Optima nova® Medium Italic OsF
    Optima nova® Bold Italic OsF
    Optima nova® Demi Italic OsF
    Optima 1 Volume
    Optima nova® Light
    Optima nova® Basic 1 Value Pack
    Optima Complete Family Pack
    Optima Complete Family Pack
    Optima nova Complete Family Pack
    Optima® Black Italic
    Optima® Bold
    Optima® Italic
    Optima® Oblique
    Optima® Oblique
    Optima® Roman
    Optima® 2 Value Pack
    Optima® Black
    Optima® CE Bold
    Optima® CE Roman
    Optima® Medium
    Optima® Bold Oblique
    Optima® Bold Oblique
    Optima® Black Italic
    Optima® Bold Italic
    Optima® CE Bold Oblique
    Optima® CE Roman Oblique
    Optima® Cyrillic Bold
    Optima® Cyrillic Oblique
    Optima® Cyrillic Roman
    Optima® Demi Bold
    Optima® Extra Black
    Optima® Medium Italic
    Optima® Cyrillic Bold Oblique
    Optima® Demi Bold Italic
    Optima® Extra Black Italic
    URW Classico Black
    URW Classico Bold
    URW Classico Volume
    URW Classico Bold Italic
    Oblik Classic Regular
    Oblik Classic Black
    Oblik Classic Bold
    Oblik Classic Light
    Oblik Classic Complete Family
    Oblik Classic Regular Italic
    Oblik Classic Black Italic
    Oblik Classic Bold Italic

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