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    2 matches comment [quote:e652acee46="Tørnquist"] This is going to be a tough one, I can tell already. I'm looking for a font entitled OPTI Champion Script. Beautiful, no? This one seems to have been a subject of some furious debate in the past, until someone actually found the vendor's old site and posted the url in one of the other major font forums. OPTI have gone bust in (as far as I can tell) the last couple of years, so therefore the font is no longer for sale. Anywhere. If anyone has a copy (in Windows TrueType) of Champion or some kind of clone, post here and you will set in motion a trail of joyful outbursts. I thank you, and good luck. A challenge indeed. -Bacon Lettuce & Tørnquist [/quote:e652acee46] A real, deathly challenge... ??? Not really, Viking friend. Forget about OPTI. Forget about script. This is the Berthold BQ Champion designed by Günter Gerhard Lange (1957). Can be yours for only $39,-, ?28,- or £19,-. BTW, been digging in typhophile? That was more than a year ago! May not have the Viking Eye© but can see in the dark. Signing off in a couple of days.
    2 matches comment Don't know much about that OPTI-Fonts business, bt they seem to be now converted into Castcraft-software.com And art life is absolutely right about the uploading a sample-thing and even more right about the new-things-in-new-threads. And: Just wanted to say, that loaning or sharing a commercial font is not legal, but you know that already. ;^D
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12002 That's why I told the original poster to contact ME and I would send it. It is also called Opti Zara. logosam@earthlink.net Put Zara in the subject
    1 matches comment Hey all you crazy peeps- I'm well aware that this has come up before on numerous occasions, but I'll have another shot anyhow... I'm looking for the font OPTI Champion Script, which was used for the film "Amélie". Unfortunately OPTIfont have gone out of business, so the font can't be ordered from their old website (or from anywhere else as far as I know), but if anyone knows where it might be downloaded from, that would be just spiffy. Ta, and all that -Tørnquist
    1 matches comment This is a condensed version of the NovelFonts' Spoleto, aka Sport Script (Opti), Aktuelle, Athletic Script. Second font on the page.
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