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    18 matches comment Hi, I'm a newbie here, but I've been dabbling in typography and font design on my own for a few years now. I have discovered a style of ornamental capital which I'm eager to find as a font. I'm not sure if it is really a font, though. It might just be fancy customised lettering. I found these capitals in a book called "Angels: An Endangered Species". I was actually more impressed by these capitals than by the content of the book. I just stumbled on this site, and there seem to be more than a few folks here who really know their fonts :) Okay, a little more detail on this: I've searched through the text, and these ornate caps are reserved for chapter openings (as they should be), so there are few of them. I was only able to spot these 4 letters (some are used more than once at various places). Any ideas on this one? The engraved look of the detail makes me think that it's probably custom lettering, but with font design as intricate as it is these days, I figured even for a book that's been around since 1990, that there might be such a font. Oh, and one more thing: the typesetting of the text was done by someone in Florence, italy by the name of Simonetta Castelli. I know, it's a long shot, but I can't find anything but pages in Italian on her (hmm ... wonder why?? ;) Thanks in advance for helping! David
    14 matches comment I need a font just like Times New Roman except that the small g is the modern style (like in this font) rather than oldstyle. Does such a font exist? If not, is there any free software with which I can make the modification and resave the font under some other name? Preferably something easy to use. Thanks.
    15 matches comment I am looking for a font w/ people, preferably kids, making letters either w/ their whole bodies or like "YMCA." I swear I've seen that type of logo, but does it exist as a font? FYI, this is for a community coalition that serves kids.
    12 matches comment I need a freeware, free license, freely used, free, no cost version of these Roman Capitals with the geometric construction circles and outlines. Does anyone know where I can find a free version of this? Thanks!
    10 matches comment I have been searching EVERYWHERE on the internet for the Square721BT-Roman font and can't find it anywhere. Does anybody know where I can download it????
    9 matches comment ! Hello, This font has alluded me. I've found several similiar fonts, but not this exact one. Here's the a link to the image: http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=Ts1mQjSS Thanks!
    6 matches comment HI. Maybe one of you guys knws theanswer to this: I use Frutiger 55 Roman to design PowerPiont Presentations for a client in Germany. I use the true type Frutiger 55 RomanFont they send me. Everything matches up between my pc and theirs, till I make the font bold. It displays much more bold on their pc than on mine, the line of text becomes longer and dosen't fit into the design anymore. Any Ideas? Please Help! Thanx! dRe
    2 matches comment Hey there i have found two very close fonts its hard with so few letters and it being a very simple roman type font but here goes any how :D the fist is called Optimum roman and can be downloaded direct from this link Click Here and is freeware. the next is ZapfHumnst Dm BT and can be down loaded by doing a search for zhum601d.ttf on google it is not free but can be found there to download for free :D hope this helps
    2 matches comment As a genealogist, I often transcribe documents with archaic letters like the thorn in old English. I don't mind if it's serif or sans, but I want a font like Times-Roman or Arial, not black letter or other fancy fonts. Any suggestions?
    3 matches comment hej I want to know which font style would look like Yuwie letters. :( :)

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    Clois Old Style SB-Roman
    Bruce Old Style Roman
    Century Old Style SB-Roman
    Century Old Style SH-Roman
    Goudy Old Style SB-Roman
    Goudy Old Style SH-Roman
    Iowan Old Style Roman BT
    Clois Old Style BEF-Roman
    Iowan Old Style BT Roman
    Iowan Old Style Roman OSF BT
    Century Old Style Roman
    Iowan Old Style BT Roman OSF
    SG Cloister™ Old Style SB Roman
    Old Style 7 Roman
    SG Century Old Style SB Roman Italic
    SG Century Old Style SH Roman Italic
    SG Cloister Old Style SB Roman Italic
    SG Goudy Old Style SB Roman Italic
    Old Style 7 Roman SC OsF
    Bruce Old Style Roman
    Clois Old Style B EF Roman
    SG Cheltenham Old Style SB Roman
    Horley Old Style® Roman
    Horley Old Style® Roman
    SG Cheltenham Old Style SB Roman Italic
    SG Cheltenham Old Style SB Roman Condensed
    Old Style 7 Roman
    Old Style 7 Roman SC
    Rusticana™ Roman
    Plantin® Roman
    Herculanum® Roman
    Pompeijana™ Roman
    Bembo® Roman
    Plantin® (A) Roman
    Cute Letters Hearted
    Cute Letters Heartless
    News Plantin™ Roman
    Plantin® Titling Roman
    Throhand Roman
    Century Old Style Roman
    Castellar® Roman
    Bembo® Roman
    Gummed Letters JNL
    Mailbox Letters JNL
    Mailbox Letters Two JNL
    Goudy Old Style Roman
    Throhand Ink Roman
    Throhand Pen Roman
    Throhand Roman Expert
    SG Goudy Old Style™ SB Roman
    SG Goudy Old Style™ SH Roman
    Linotype Kropki™ Roman
    SG Century Old Style™ SB Roman
    SG Century Old Style™ SH Roman
    Speedball Western Letters
    Speedball Western Letters 3D
    Gummed Letters Oblique JNL
    Printed Letters JNL-Regular
    Century Old Style Central European Roman
    Madame™ Letters
    Throhand Ink Roman Expert
    Throhand Pen Roman Expert
    Wile Roman Complete Family Pack
    Tranquility Newstyle JY LF Roman
    Wrenched Letters
    Speedball Western Letters Compressed
    Speedball Western Letters Expanded
    Speedball Western Letters Shadow
    Children Block Letters Regular
    Roman Bold
    Roman Medium
    Lucida® Roman
    Ursula Handschrift By Letters&Numbers
    Lucida® Roman Condensed
    Times New Roman® Regular
    Berling™ Roman
    Cochin® Roman
    Granjon® Roman
    Life® Roman
    Wile™ Roman
    Primana Pro Roman
    Lucida® Roman Italic Condensed
    Weiss® Roman
    Primana Pro Roman Oblique
    Aldus® Roman
    Castellar® Roman
    Garamond #3 Roman
    Guardi® 55 Roman
    Palatino® Roman
    Sabon® Roman
    Times® Roman
    EF Schneidler® Roman
    SG Schneidler® SB Roman
    SG Schneidler® SH Roman
    LuMarc™ Roman
    SG Schneidler® SB Roman SC
    Windsor Roman
    JY Integrity LF Roman
    Throhand FB Roman
    URW Deepdene™ Roman SC

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