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    1 matches comment [size=18:b4c9c0f176] Hello, I use Arabic language in program that encode its text in Western Euroean ... So can i change a font in from Arabic to Western European to convence the program to work. You have to know that Arabic has complicated letters and it's right-to-left. Thank you.[/size:b4c9c0f176]
    3 matches comment Hey there, a complete newbie in typography [me] is looking for a nifty font that can be used for English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. I've asked Google, but nothing came out, so I decided to turn to the pros. Thanks a lot
    1 matches comment hi' Missing winsoftpro medium arabic font in my computer . please help
    2 matches comment i'm looking for a font that could be used to evoke the image of india. Caliph could work but it's a bit arabic rather than hindi.
    1 matches comment Couldn't find anything online. Thanks
    1 matches comment I knew it! You - of course - know how to write please! Even in Arabic! Still wonder though whether Dubai Raghu can too.
    2 matches comment dear friends kindly gv me WinSoftPro Medium arabic font
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2292 immitaion of an arabic or some other middle eastern script.
    3 matches comment after running some tests, looks like 100 will be a more realistic limit. That is already pushing it... The download will be over 10MB. I cannot afford too many of you downloading those things :D
    1 matches comment It has been a long day for me, Ive missed all this! All we need is the 'Arabic ghost' that cant say please and weve got a real party! Hey Ho! Regards Gary

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    Palatino® Arabic Regular
    Museo 100
    Tsikot 100
    Lotus® Arabic Bold
    Lotus® Arabic Light
    Museo 100 Italic
    Design System A 100 I
    Design System A 100 R
    Design System B 100 I
    Design System B 100 R
    Design System C 100 I
    Design System C 100 R
    Design System D 100 I
    Design System D 100 R
    Design System E 100 I
    Design System E 100 R
    Design System F 100 I
    Design System F 100 R
    Design System G 100 I
    Design System G 100 R
    Dimensions 100 I
    Dimensions 100 R
    Simplified Arabic family
    Museo 100 Italic
    Tsikot 100 Italic
    Tsikot 100 Stencil
    Vigor DT Light 100
    Neue Helvetica® Arabic Bold
    Neue Helvetica® Arabic Light
    Neue Helvetica® Arabic Roman
    Stereo Gothic 100
    Arabic Transparent family
    100 Madison Ave.
    Stereo Gothic 100 Italic
    Greenbriar 100 Family
    Lomo™ Wall Outline 100
    Lomo™ Wall Strip 100
    Museo Sans 100
    Museo Slab 100
    Stereo Gothic 100
    Tsikot 100 Stencil Italic
    Vigor DT Condensed Light 100
    Vigor DT Light Italic 100
    Lomo™ Wall Pixel 100
    Museo 100
    Tephra 100
    Neue Helvetica® Arabic Complete Family Pack
    Museo Sans 100
    Museo Slab 100
    Planet 100
    Museo Sans 100 Italic
    Museo Slab 100 Italic
    Stereo Gothic 100 Italic
    Vigor DT Condensed Light Italic 100
    Faux Arabic Regular
    Geometron Pro Angular-100
    Geometron Pro Radial 100
    Museo Sans 100 Italic
    Museo Sans Condensed 100
    Museo Sans Cyrillic 100
    Museo Slab 100 Italic
    Museo Sans Rounded 100
    Museo Sans Rounded 100
    Phoenica Std Mono 100
    Museo Sans Condensed 100 Italic
    Museo Sans Cyrillic 100 Italic
    PF Din Text Arabic Bold
    PF Din Text Arabic Hairline
    PF Din Text Arabic Light
    PF Din Text Arabic Medium
    PF Din Text Arabic Regular
    PF Din Text Arabic Thin
    PF Din Text Arabic XBlack
    PF Din Text Arabic XThin
    Frutiger® Arabic 45 Light
    Frutiger® Arabic 55 Roman
    Frutiger® Arabic 57 Condensed
    Frutiger® Arabic 65 Bold
    Frutiger® Arabic 75 Black
    Univers® Next Arabic 630 Bold
    Univers® Next Arabic 330 Light
    Univers® Next Arabic 430 Regular
    Lotus Complete Family Pack
    Frutiger® Arabic 47 Condensed Light
    Frutiger® Arabic 67 Condensed Bold
    Frutiger® Arabic 77 Condensed Black
    FF Amman Arabic Complete Suite
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Black
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Light
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Medium
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Regular
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Bold
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Medium
    FF Amman Sans Arabic 1 Volume
    FF Amman Sans Arabic 2 Volume
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Collection
    FF Amman Serif Arabic 1 Volume
    FF Amman Serif Arabic 2 Volume
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Collection
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Regular

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