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    1 matches comment Actually the font is Didot. If you look close enough you'll find that the "e"s differ. In Bodoni the e has a straight line on the inner curve. also the the "x" is thinner. Also, the clincher, the a in Bodoni curves out, while in Didot it curves in!!
    4 matches comment Now...when I opened this spawn in fontlab...OMFG...so many points, overlapped curves, stray points..I guess that was the intention, to be grungy-trashy, but that's no excuse for not optimizing your font. When tried to export this to OTF FL crashed :)
    1 matches comment Ok i got it myself it is "Treacherous Curves" if anyone wants to know.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Thanks for the ID. If anyone has Bernhold Formata would you type out the words as displayed, convert to curves and send to me? signbiz@bellsouth.net Thanks! Mary
    2 matches comment Toni, The line below use to be down in a way called Handlettering with French Curves, Rapidograph pens, steady hands and a lot of time and effort. To achieve this same effect today, most can use a program called Adobe Illustrator - outline the type and pull, stretch, add, take away points till they get the desired effect. Corel and Photoshop are paint programs -- Illustrator is just what it says it is - illustration. And it comes with wonderful filters - including perspectives - like above.
    1 matches comment Well I use either CorelDraw or Illustrator to turn the type into curves which can then be edited like any other vector graphic. If you're working with a bitmap then set your type and edit the graphic.
    1 matches comment Im looking For The Curves Font...(Fitness for women) if you cant see the picture: www.curvesinternational.com thanks again,:D
    1 matches comment that's weird... i just tested it on my win XP and just like you said... it shows up in the preview but when i use it in Word it shows up as arial. I bet it has something to do with the complexity of the font. Word is just no able to handle so many curves... Unlike professionla program like Photoshop.
    1 matches comment It looks like it is Stahl's Varsity. You can try the College font...it comes pretty close. From experience, though, matching different athletic fonts is tough. It seems that nobody makes good clones, just different iterations. Usually, if there's just a slight difference, I will convert to curves and modify. Hope that helps and good luck.
    1 matches comment Olympics 2010, does anyone know this font? Really enjoy the cleanliness mixed with some slight curves to the edges... Would appreciate it, thanks in advance!

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