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    12 matches comment Can you name the font used in "KAKA"? I already have the numbers font, only need to know what font is used for KAKA. Thanks in advance.
    9 matches comment ? Hi i've been looking for the mexican Jersey numbers font for Germany 2006. Can anybody help me for id it. I've post a link where u can see Rafa Marquez Jersey. I would like o find both, the number a the name font.
    6 matches comment I would like to request for a website where i could find the new Argentina, Germany, France & Portugal team jersey fonts.. or you could give me some.. thanks in advance.. http://www.subsidesports.com/uk/images/product/xlarge/ArgHSSNo18_0708b.jpg http://www.soccershopusa.com/Images_Products/Adidas_GermanyHomeJersey_Ballack_5.jpg http://www.soccershopusa.com/Images_Products/Adidas_MexicoAwayJersey_2008-2009_R.Marquez_1.jpg
    4 matches comment These numbers are used on the NFL team Baltimore Ravens.
    3 matches comment can some one tell me the name of the font that will give me the same numbers as above.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Google tells me this is a custom font designed by Nike for the University of Miami, but some of the numbers seem to be ripped straight out of Handel Gothic with just a slight stretch. Is this a common practice? It doesn't affect me one way or the other, just curious.
    1 matches comment Had Noel been eligible for the 2012 NBA draft, he might Nike Free 2 have been selected as high as third overall. Last year actual number three pick, Bradley Beal, is making $4.1 million in the first season of a four year, $18.7 million Nike Free Tilbud contract with Nike Free 3 the Washington Wizards. He earns even more from an Nike Free Run Pink endorsement deal with Nike..
    4 matches comment Can anyone recommend an illuminated capitals font that will also give iliminated capitals style numbers? thanks
    2 matches comment Hi Koeiekat That could help, which one is it ? But yes they are not eroded, because they were used as ink stamp, in that movie, and even if they were specially made, they had to make the numbers 2, 5, 6, 8 and 9, each for a murder, stamped on the forehead of the victim and on the red enveloppe. The guy who made the stamps for the film production and accessories wouldn't have invented a special font for all these numbers, he certainly took them from an existing font. A rare and fancy one, but existing.
    3 matches comment Any ideas? Thanks in Advance!

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