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    8 matches comment Hi Everyone, Found a font that will work as a sub for Burton's Nightmare that doesn't work for Win2000. It's "PS Bluegum Forest" and can be found at URL: The previous sub offer I was given didn't work when I opened it as a font. BUT ! ! this one will. Love it when a plan comes 2gether. Ellen PS. TENX! for all your help :D :D :D
    3 matches comment view details for free font #1324 this is corrupted needs to be fixed
    3 matches comment [color=firebrick:8f0da461aa] I have tried to install the Burton's Nightmare font, not just from this website, but from many others, and it won't install - it says the font file may be damaged? Unless I am doing something wrong - it's the only font i've ever had trouble with. [/b:8f0da461aa][/color:8f0da461aa]
    2 matches comment Burtons nightmare is made after the title of the film which used originally the P22 Victorian Swash, I think. Or is it just a clone?
    1 matches comment Yes. It is possible. That is, in theory. If it was practically possible wouldn't you think it would be used all over the place? You probably will have to wait for W3 and CSS3 before there will be a common standard. And even then, if there are font embedding restrictions it still won't work. Alas, a dream ... or rather, a nightmare.
    1 matches comment I am a book designer and we are doing a book with a lot of weird and special character's. I am very familiar with accents and different marks on letters, like these (é, î, å á etc.). However, I cannot get this one to work. We are using the font: Bembo for the entire document and I need the: ā Ā Currently I have it "rigged" in the sentences using leading and kerning, but this will be a nightmare for ebooks etc. The glyph seems like it doesn't exist for this character and font. Can somebody help with a suggestion? Thanks, T—
    1 matches comment How do people organise their fonts? I have tried by name but it hard when you can visualise the font but the name isn't a clue it doesn't work...for example: Bayou Cowboy is a font where the capitals wear crowns...not helpful huh? I tried the thing that you have here to download but it didn't work. I am currently labouring to categorise things into fonts, dings and fontbats...the lines get blurred though also then I need to categorise my fonts...oh it's a nightmare. All help is appreciated. Love and Lard Narts
    1 matches comment During installation to my fonts folder, I received several error messages stating things like "file corrrupt contact provider" and "not valid font file" etc. Please let me know what to do. The following files were the problems: slabface commscripttprisonwire1 milwaukee dekobrettmedium niic.ttf signatur.ttf pumpkinese Burton's nightmare Godzilla barnacle munich_.ttf antiglare ms.ttf nicodem.ttf nasser.ttf mstk-hud.ttf air TGIfriday ultrsho_.ttf supervix supeho_ paper Cut alba_.ttf albam_.ttf albas_.ttf Thank you-Amber Young:confused:
    1 matches comment Juan, your naming convention is creating a nightmare. I am totally lost and have no idea which are the latest of the same or a variation. For example, there are these fonts: Romance Fatal 1.00,Prima Romance Fatal 2.00,Normal Romance Fatal,2.00 (Aflicción) Romance Fatal ,3.00 (La Rosa Muerta) Romance Fatal Goth ,Premium Romance Fatal Goth Premium,Gothico Romance Fatal Goth Versal,Gothico Romance Fatal Serif,Gothic This is pretty crazy... You should consider shorter, and different names for your fonts. And do not use version string in the font name, there is a field in font naming table for that.

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