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    3 matches comment Does anyone know what font the New York Central Railroad used in this logo? thanks! peter
    2 matches comment I would like to create print outs of new york street signs. Does anyone know what their font is, and where to get a copy. Or how to approximate it using standard windows fonts? much appreciated, jG
    2 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11895 another defective letter or rasterization...
    3 matches comment Hello, I am looking for the font that is used in the famous "I [love] N Y" logo. I searched for it, but could not find anything... thanks
    2 matches comment Hello All, I've included another sample of what I'm looking for. It can be a close approximation to what I'm looking for. Hopefully, this can spur the font brain trust that I'm trying to tap into. Regards, Peter Yue
    1 matches comment Agora Gallery of New York City is pleased to announce the 24th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition 2009. Awards valued at Thirty Eight Thousand dollars ($38,000) will be distributed as follows: exhibition at our New York art gallery, cash awards, Internet exposure and publicity in ARTisSpectrum magazine. The exhibition will take place in Chelsea, New York City. The gallery/artist split will be 50/50. In the spirit of giving, 25% of Agora Gallery's proceeds of sales resulting from the competition exhibition will be donated to Art Start an award-winning, nationally recognized program helping underprivileged youth and teens. Visit http://www.agora-gallery.com/competition/art_contest_main.aspx to enter online or download the art contest submission form. Calendar February 5th 2009 - Competition opens March 10th 2009 - Submission deadline March 20th 2009 - Results announced August 14th 2009 through September 2nd 2009- Exhibition for the selected artists
    2 matches comment ? Does anyone know what font is used for the Yankee logo? Or something relatively close. ~ Thanks in advance
    1 matches comment Hi Stephan, you certainly did not intent to - but, yes, you did. Maybe happygooberhead from New York will be so polite to correct his/her post?
    2 matches comment The remarks you remember of the judge - came from me. I will never forget the TANY (Typographic Assoc. of New York) meeting I attended when that ruling came down. We were all in shock. What is copyrighted is the way the font is made - the software for it - and how it is placed on a disk. And KK - when you license a font - you MUST keep the original name -- you are NEVER given permission to rename it. That, btw, is one of the advantages of really licensing the font... Corel still bundles fonts - but they are now legitimate ones for Corel to bundle. (They had many illegal fonts to, um... sort out...)
    1 matches comment Does anybody know what font the giants used on their helmets from the 80's?

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