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    8 matches comment searching for this no match at WTF ...in Didots families probably but the 's' is special along with the 'e' attached (in red)
    2 matches comment hi, I've been looking for the name of this font for some time. I've tried identifont.com and it's NOT: FF Celeste Italic Dolly Italic FF Parable Italic FF Parable LF Italic FF Reminga Italic MVB Verdigris Italic El Greco BQ Lucida Calligraphy EF Lucida Calligraphy Ronsard Ronsard Script FF Sheriff Italian Throhand Ink Italic Throhand Pen Italic Throhand Regular Italic Tribute Italic Apple Chancery FF Atma Serif Book Italic FF Atma Serif LF Book Italic Carmine Tango Adobe Garamond Italic ITC Garamond Italic New Century Schoolbook Italic Palatino Italic Plantin Italic Poppl Residenz BQ FF Tartine Script Times Italic Times New Roman Italic Borges Poema
    6 matches comment Help ~ I'm trying to find a free font that is like ITC zapf chancery italic. Can anyone help me with this?? :confused:
    3 matches comment uploaded image I'm looking for the "Sweden Wide" font (possibly another name as well?), or any other that is very similar to it? Someone told me that it's part of Word, but I don't have that program. Anyway, I found a teeny, tiny, example from a website that I've attached. Sorry it isn't bigger. Appreciate the help. ~ Terre
    4 matches comment Hi gcorp, nice to see you again! The font ist the Incised901 Nord Italic. Sometimes it's called "Antique Olive" or "Olive", but you will need the fattest Version ("Nord") and "italic". If you haven't got ist, you will find it here: http://www.primenet.com/~befff/TT0470M_.TTF. :) Ute
    2 matches comment Ich habe nie gesagt, dass die Crown Title in der Sport-Kategorie ist. Ich wies auf die Sport-Kategorie für 2008.
    1 matches comment Impact Wide should do the job.
    5 matches comment Cochin Italic ttf, tf1 or mac is $20 here
    3 matches comment [quote:38258d5460]And even it doesn't have the ever-elusive Albatross italic . . . sigh.[/quote:38258d5460] If, 'shounen ai fanatic', the Albatross Italic could be found you would have had it by now. But, I keep my eyes open.
    1 matches comment Handdrawn, but inspisred on Uni Wide in lower case. Check http://new.myfonts.com/tags/graffiti/?sort=abc#top_of_page

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    Never Say Die 2003 Wide Italic
    Never Say Die 2003 Wide
    Never Say Die 2003 Italic
    Never Say Die 2003
    Despair 2003 Wide Italic
    Despair 2003 Wide
    7 Days 2003 Italic
    Despair 2003 Italic
    7 Days 2003 Fat Italic
    7 Days 2003 Outline Italic
    Despair 2003 Wider Italic
    Digital Dream 2003 Italic
    7 Days 2003
    Despair 2003
    Die Nasty
    HYCai Die J
    HYFang Die J
    HYHua Die J
    HYYuan Die J
    Digital Dream 2003 Fat Italic
    Atomic Clock Radio 2003 Italic
    7 Days 2003 Fat
    7 Days 2003 Outline
    7 Days 2003 Tilted
    Despair 2003 Wider
    Arcade Classic 2003
    Digital Dream 2003
    Kitchen Police 2003
    Die Fette Hubbuch
    Digital Dream 2003 Fat
    Die Fette Hubbuch Ligatures
    Atomic Clock Radio 2003
    Die Nasty Regular
    HY Yuan Die Simplified Chinese J
    HYFang Die Traditional Chinese F
    HY Yuan Die Traditional Chinese F
    HY Hua Die Simplified Chinese J
    HYFang Die Simplified Chinese J
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