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    1 matches comment ask a chicken, i bet it'll still do a better job drawing a font.
    1 matches comment Thx... but, give it anywere for free? cats have a taste from chicken ;-)
    1 matches comment it does make me happy! Glad it has a name, now to find it free (I only ever bought 1 font because I HAD to have it - that's 2 peas chicken shack). Thanks so much, I ate 2 chocolate bars and am now considering baking soem bikkies as well!
    1 matches comment Your font has two characteristics: it looks like written with a hardened old brush and it's very irregular. Look at "Chicken Scratch" from Astigmatic One Eye, maybe you'll like it. http://www.dafont.com/en/theme.php?cat=605 :) ute
    1 matches comment Hello FellowFontVoyagers, I am looking for a font that looks like it is roughly carved or scratched into wood, like initials carved into a tree or a picnic table. It needs to look a little like "chicken scratch". It is not a wood cut, it is rough and scratched into the wood. Has anybody seen this? Thanx. Dave
    1 matches comment I believe what your saying to be partially true you may get a sound equivalent not the actual word this then can get you into doggy waters, lets say you want to translate a western word via the sound for sound method how would we know that the new word in say Chinese does not mean "CHICKEN FRIDGE" pure gibberish but yes if you use a dictionary type program for actual western words you will get the word for word translation but again be warned as the words put together may not have the same impact trust me on this I know. Get the company name translated professionally. my last word is look to the future because i am back..... :cool:

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