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    macsrule-1 magrela-1 magril-1 macscrawl-1 misirlou-8 my name is earl-16 major lea-31 mm cruella 200-54 ms scroll-57 my names karli:-68

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    2 matches comment Hi all, Can you please help me identify the attached font? Many thanks :)
    1 matches comment Hi, what's that funny curl in the middle? Look at CAC Pinafore: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/11084 ? Bye bye
    1 matches comment ? Curl wigs are best friends for girls. Curls wigs are always fun, fabulous and on-trend. However, it can be rather difficult to human hair wigs maintain and keep its style. If you love your curl wigs, and please keep them bouncy and healthy shape. Here are some steps. First, you need to synthetic wigs get everything prepared. You need a wig head stand, a chair conditioner, a wig comb and also your wig. With everything ready, we are now start to rediscovered the curls of your wigs. Detangle your wig hair with a wig comb to prevent breakage. Your action should be gentle and lightly. Then using the hair conditioner to mist the detangled section, this will help the tangled part be more soft and shine. Now, you can put down your comb and use your fingers to lace wigs twist the curls back. This process may cost you more time, but the result deserve the cost. Last, you can use a hair net to mens wigs keep your finished work in place. Then you will find your wigs back to its original curls. www.wigsstyle.co.uk
    1 matches comment uploaded image IMHO the Riddler question marks, both versions, are loosely based on actual fonts, but were tailored for the TV show and movie. The original Riddler you can see the curl has been modified to create a spiral out of the empty space.
    1 matches comment Cannot find it. I believe I have seen it a while ago: A font set that looks like the "at" sign - every letter a curl around it, as @ for a, etc.

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