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    1 matches comment You are trying to find a TTF equivalent for a type designed for a CAD/CAM application. And insist it must be exactly the same. Well: Good luck (SIC).
    1 matches comment uploaded image Here is the bad news: Unless it is an apple only, which I doubt because then you would probably have known it, I officially declare this to be NOT a font. So it can be one of two, depending where that pict came from, it is the work of a signboard maker or the work of a movie prop maker. Whatever the case, my gamble is that it is based on the TS Montreal Bold. Provided some perspective distortions, mainly visable in the 6, only the 4 does not match. But since - to my believe - the font has been tampered with anyway I accept that modification. I firmly believe this is a modification because of the - extremely bad - kerning in the word MODULES. Did you notice the Grand Canyon between the M and O? Also, the way the M has been 'stenciled' I find a bit amateurish, with the 'opening' under different angles. But then, can a Kat judge? The word MODULES can also be made with the Futura. Pick one that matches the 6 and it works out well. For the numbers though there is nothing closer than the Montreal which also works well for the text. Here is the good news: Making a Stencil out of the Montreal should not be that difficult. Edit: I have overlooked one other possibility, it might be a type for CAD/CAM applications - like for CNC machinery.
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