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    10 matches comment I see the fonts, but it all says "Abstract Font", not the font names. And I like knowing font names. Help?
    10 matches comment ? I love the Zelda Game series, but I would like to know every font in the logos. • The words "skyward sword" in this one: [img]http://gamerant.com/wp-content/uploads/Zelda-Skyward-Sword-Logo.jpg[/img] • The words "phantom hourglass" in this one: [img]http://www.videogamesblogger.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/11/the-legend-of-zelda-phantom-hourglass-logo.jpg[/img] • The words "spirit tracks" in this one: [img]http://riddlethos.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/The-Legend-of-Zelda-Spirit-Tracks-Logo-300x160.png[/img] and this one: [img]http://consolenintendo.it/images/stories/screen/2009/Zelda-Spirit-Tracks/spiritTracksLogo.png[/img] • And finally, the words, "the Legend of" and "Zelda" in this one: [img]http://www.freewebs.com/legendofzelda/Zelda%20Downloads/Wallpapers/1st%20LOZ%20WP.jpg[/img] I would appreciate any help identifying these. With these, my zelda font collection will finally be complete. Download links would be most appreciated. ^^
    8 matches comment pressure plus 2. (Count that for the KKat!;-)) It is really, REALLY sad, that in 2 weeks the histories of 2 huge font-forum-archives are gone. Please don't tell me that it's true. And I'm always nice to cats. One is named "Figo" and the second is named "Nuo". And - no - it wasn't me who came up with the names.
    2 matches comment uploaded image who can help me and tell me the names of these fonts ?
    1 matches comment [quote]@Ivan Philipov:THE MIGHTY KOEIEKAT IS BACK!!!!!!!!!! WE'VE MISSED YOU!!!! Where have you been - I'm a bit tired of font recognitions :)[/quote] Needed a break from font IDs and had to sort the collection and get rid of the dups. Still amazing how many different names a type can have and how everyone is 'borrowing' from everyone - including the big names ... Copyright? Indeed, the right to copy ...
    1 matches comment I am lookin for the font used for the actors names on the original Matrix poster. Not the movie title itself, but the actors names and also the tagline. Does anyone know what that font is?
    2 matches comment You are a lifesaver!!!!! Thank you!!! The font goes by so many names I didn't ever think I was going to find it! THANKS! :D
    1 matches comment Hiya! What are the names of the fonts used on www.giga.de (the one with which is written 'giga.de' and the one with which is written 'Generation @'?) thx in advance!
    2 matches comment now...I've been watching this thread. People like Kirk sometimes like to think out loud, which is the case with the topic for this thread - don't really mind that. We have a freedom of speech here, but we're not going to tolerate the "douchey" remarks in any manner. Guys, give him some rest. Kirk, avoid calling people names, if you hate to be called names. And I don't think that your latest remark is falling to "being nice" category: "or does that even matter here since you guys post stuff you didnt create" We're not profiting from your stuff here, Kirk - that's [size=24]FREE[/size] advertising for you. If you don't get it, that's all your fault. You can voice your opinion and Alex will definitely remove all your stuff, if you start acting like a kindergarten girl all over again. I don't know what's your age, but this behaviour can be described only as infantile. Geez, people - relax. Can we focus on better things?
    3 matches comment g'day all, the internet has failed me so far on this one - I'm looking for a font that matches the way ship's names are painted on their hull. I have no doubt that there are plenty of variations, but the image I've uploaded is typical. Note the flatttened O & S characters, and the generally bold nature of the font. I've tried elsewhere to ID it with no luck. Any help much appreciated, as I'd really like to use it on a CD cover and I don't have the experience in making my own fonts.

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