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    1 matches comment And it isn't very close. :(
    1 matches comment The closet match so far has been Linotype Alternate Gothic 1 but the E's are slghtly different. Any suggestions? :)
    1 matches comment The script is the James Fajardo. Closet looks like Avant Garde - except for the C.
    1 matches comment The closet lookalike to Helvetica Neue I've found is "Context"...almost an exact match really!. The link to the free download is "http://www.ufonts.com/fonts/c/?page=42". The fonts your looking for are: 1. "Context Light SSi Light" - 3rd from the bottom 2. "Context Light SSi Normal" - Bottom of page. If you've got any "lookalike" font questions, just send me an email: dccreative.07@gmail.com...I think commercial fonts are ridiculously overpriced, so I'd be happy to help out :)
    1 matches comment I'd say, buying fonts is fun. I've recently bought a good set of fonts I needed – not really, I'm just a fontaholic and desperate for that retro feeling so I try to sell that kind of atmosphere to my clients – from a foundry which I shall not name in honour to the Italian law against free advertising. Not just downloaded them all in a second but even received a cd for every set with a LOVELY design on each cover, based on the theme, the very atmosphere in which the designer(s) found the inspiration to draw them. Just great. Still, if you're an amateur or a freelance in his/her early years of work it can be frustrating to look at the shiny windows of the fontshops and stick to the free fonts - although some of them are really great. See, I'm a graphic designer and I worked ten years in daily newspapers and publishing houses. Since 2005 I work on my own, caring my clients and looking for new ones. I've recently bought a new, large house in the countryside – I should move there by early December – and haven't got so much money at the moment. I definitely stare, drooling, at the great, great set – oh, fuck the Italian law, we Italians are all outlaws, aren't we? – named «Luxury» from House Industries and – good Lord – I have to wait because 250$ is approximately the price for a cheap wardrobe (closet for the yankees, says my dictionary) I truly need. As I have to wait to buy a car larger than the one I own to drive me along the 60 kilometres that will hide me and my dogs from the large mass of people I'm fleeing from and nontheless I still work with. And none of us would steal a car, right?
    1 matches comment ? From today's celebrities are crazy files, reports suggest actress Jennifer Aniston is drafting plans to create a drive-in closet at her home. (Crazy genius we mean). The 45-year-old actress and her fiance Justin Theroux have spared cheap franklin marshall[/b] no expense when it comes to renovating their 790 square metre mansion in Bel Air. IN PICTURES: Here's the house - it used to belong to Quincy Jones. It already boasts a private vineyard, indoor gym, landscaped gardens and a library, but perhaps most envy-making is the fact Aniston is building a drive-in wardrobe. According to RadarOnline, permits filed with the Los Angeles Building & Safety Department show the star wants to transform her garage into a huge wardrobe. The renovation franklin marshall outlet[/b] will apparently cost around $US60,000 ($NZ69,000) and will measure 7m by 11m. Among the changes being made to the space is the inclusion of a sky light to make it more airy (Manolos need their natural light). There is also a powder room being created, so Aniston will be able to pick her outfit and then get dressed in a separate area. READ MORE: If this is true, maybe she should spend less on a house for her clothes and more paying her contractors on time. Other changes reportedly being made to the property include adding a huge balcony to the master bedroom, re-designing the kitchen and pool house, moving a stairway and remodelling the pool and spa.
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