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    1 matches comment Does anyone know the font that is used in the musical Annie (with the girl with the red hair and the dog)? I know I will probably have to outline myself, but if you know the basic font please let me know
    1 matches comment My pleasure, Annie.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #733 You should ask MadCaps and/or the designer, Annie de la Vega. Google'm.
    2 matches comment I was just wondering if anyone has the font used in the RENT movie/musical or whatever. Or if anyone has a similar one, maybe?? Thanks a bunch!! Rose PS:image attached
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11611 has musical notes, or symbols of some sort ( for example character Ê) in the accents range.
    1 matches comment Dougie, We had in another thread a long discussion about gothic typefaces and how popular they've become lately. Between musical artists and tattoo artists, some of us have just given up on IDing them. Geoff however is our gothic volunteer...
    1 matches comment I ought to know this font -- heaven knows I've seen it before in novels -- but I can't put a name to it. I'm asking mainly to satisfy my curiosity, but of course I wouldn't mind information on where to download a freeware version of the family. Here's the picture: [img:708f51659e]http://liana.populli.net/sample.jpg[/img:708f51659e] (Text isn't mine, except the sig -- it's from an Annie[/i:708f51659e] script.) Thanks in advance! -- Liana
    1 matches comment This is part of a font I already have called 'Steinberg Notation' which, other than these letters consists of musical symbols. Does anyone know whether these letters exist in a seperate font that contains all the letters of the alphabet in the same style. And if so, can someone help me ID it. Many Thanks Jed

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    Annie de la Vega .

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