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    1 matches comment Does anyone know the font that is used in the musical Annie (with the girl with the red hair and the dog)? I know I will probably have to outline myself, but if you know the basic font please let me know
    2 matches comment Wicked Queen BB
    1 matches comment Fun? Or wicked way?
    1 matches comment view details for free font #6889 this is a hell wicked font but it wont work on my computer! help me out
    2 matches comment I was just wondering if anyone has the font used in the RENT movie/musical or whatever. Or if anyone has a similar one, maybe?? Thanks a bunch!! Rose PS:image attached
    1 matches comment I've found a pretty close match to the "MS WICKED" part it's called... Caslon RR Extra Condensed
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11611 has musical notes, or symbols of some sort ( for example character Ê) in the accents range.
    1 matches comment Baby Wicked is Bickham Script with Alternate capitals. The from pinkomania suffering unreadable text under good girls records probably too.
    2 matches comment Wicked, embed means to place within. The object of embedding is to display an uninstalled font..When a font is embedded properly, it becomes a part of the document itself, Like in an Adobe Acrobat Reader..pdf file. In MS Word, from the persepective of the viewer, it's as if the font is installed in the page, rather than in the Fonts folder in the Control Panel. ~bito
    1 matches comment I've got 10 wicked fonts & visited 137 pages :o) I like the job you've done on those stats, looks a pretty clever system :o) And thanks, yeah I got both the fonts I was after :o) Have only used one in my title so far. And you guys are linked to in my first news post on the new site, as promised :oD Think only 5 people have seen it so far, we've not announced our existence to the world yet :o)

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