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    4 matches comment Where can I find Mrs Eaves Small Caps for free?
    1 matches comment Invitation company placed my return address on the back of my rehearsal dinner envelopes at my request. Unfortunately, they thought it best to change my request to use Bradley Hand as the font to Mrs Eaves Small Caps to make it uniform with the invite. Of course, I don't have Mrs Eaves as a font on my computer to use on the front of the envelopes for the addresses. I will settle for something similar. Can anyone offer suggestions? Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Bullet Small Caps formally known as Global Small Caps. All lower case.
    1 matches comment Hi, the Sans should be a Futura Small Caps. See also Softmakers Function Small Caps. The Serif is something like a Times, Times New Roman. Bye bye
    3 matches comment Mrs.Eaves it is I think that you have fallen in love with. Still have to find the 'wn'.
    1 matches comment Anyone know where I can get Times New Roman Small caps? Preferably for free? Thank you for your help.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13388 Note that the Garava font is hosted here without my permission. To obtain the latest version of my fonts always download them from My Fonts page This download is only the regular typeface. The Garava family contains seven type styles: Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Heavy, Small Caps and Small Caps Bold. Bhikkhu Pesala
    1 matches comment Hi guys... I need this Mrs. Eaves font for PC. I need it only for a couple of words but I need it urgent...! Can anybody help me please? :roll:
    6 matches comment Looks like Bodoni Bold but the sample is too small for me to be sure.
    2 matches comment ? Have a look here.

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    AntiRomantic Small Caps
    Mrs Beasley +
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    Broadway™ Small Caps (D)
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    Mrs Bathhurst NF
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