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    3 matches comment I've been looking forever for a free font that resembles this one attached: sans serif, clean and thin. Anyone? Thank you
    3 matches comment I stumbled upon this *extremely* clean and neat Sans font that I'd love to use for headlines and easy-to-read presentation of numbers. I originally found this here: http://www.zionsdirectauctions.com/ack/ I've uploaded a sample if you prefer to look at the close-up. Thank you in advance! WPB
    4 matches comment If anyone is interested its 'The Sans Office' if not the Office version certainaly TheSans family, by LucasFonts.
    1 matches comment Hello! I'm looking for the font that is the same/similar to " Mr . Clean " http://www.homemadesimple.com/mrclean/
    3 matches comment I have seen this font used in a lot of video, just not 100% sure what it is exactly... any thoughts?
    1 matches comment Hi, I have recently been in Madrid, Spain, where I saw a lot of use of the 'depraved' font (see 3d fonts) for cafe and shop signs, but obviously in its clean form. Does anybody out there know where I can find the clean version? My eyes hurt from so much searching.... Any pointers would be very much appreciated. I want to use it for some publicity and nothing else will do, as all font buffs will understand. Cheers, Nick
    3 matches comment Really loved the look of this font. Apologies if this is a very common font! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    4 matches comment I just purchased CornDog font and it is blurry, jagged. I contacted the creator and he said that he created it on Mac and doesn't know how to solve my problem. I am not super computer skilled, on Windows 2000 and just simply wanting to drop the Font onto images. We are using it as our Logo name font for website and maybe some printed material later down the road. This is what he said it is: CFF (PostScript) OpenType font Can anyone help? Any image editing program, that is free that we can download that will make the font sharp and clean? Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Dougie, is the font from the sample clean or is it destructed like that? If it is clean, the base is Olde English, a revival by Dieter Steffmann. You may also have a look at English Towne there for similar feelings. And all the others, too. BTW, what does the "Goblin King" look like? And Dougie, you made everything right. There is no forum-rule to first post a font and then ask. How could that be? No, everything fine, let's be happy alltogether.
    2 matches comment What is the name of the font that is 1-8... the largest font their.... not exactly sure because the "a" throws me off... any thoughts?

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    Kipp Clean One
    Kipp Clean Two
    Montada Clean
    Clean Cut-Caps
    Clean Cut Kid
    CC Clean Cut Kid
    Clean Cut Kid Italic
    Clean Cut Regular
    FF Magda Clean Volume
    Arsenique Clean
    Corndog Clean
    Frankenstein Clean
    Newman Clean
    Perio Clean
    Pikelet Clean
    Walken Clean
    Walken Clean Regular
    CCLong Underwear Clean
    Grunge Butterfly Clean
    Frankenstein Clean Oblique
    Friday-Clean Extended
    Friday-Clean Shadow
    Newman Clean Oblique
    Pikelet Caps Clean
    Friday Clean Extended
    Friday Clean Shadow
    Black And Beauty Clean
    Lito Clean
    FF Magda Clean Black
    FF Magda Clean Bold
    FF Magda Clean Regular
    Friday Clean Regular
    Acid Haus Clean
    B-Movie Retro Clean
    B-Movie Splatter-Clean
    Great Circus Clean
    Servin for Salute Clean
    Smith Premier Clean NF
    Newman™ Clean Oblique
    Newman™ Clean Regular
    Frankenstein™ Clean Oblique
    Frankenstein™ Clean Regular
    Lito Clean Italic
    Corndog Clean
    Black And Beauty Clean End B
    FF Magda Clean Mono Black
    FF Magda Clean Mono Bold
    FF Magda Clean Mono Regular
    Feathergraphy Clean
    Roskrift Clean
    Great Circus Clean Bold
    Black And Beauty Clean Alt Caps
    Black And Beauty Clean Alt Ends
    PiS Neo Print M319 Clean
    Rebel V1
    Rebel V2
    Rebel V2 R
    Mayfield Regular
    Haptic™ Black
    Haptic™ Bold
    Haptic™ Light
    Haptic™ Regular
    Ronita Regular
    Antigen Bold
    Antigen Oblique
    Antigen Regular
    Centima Bold
    Centima Italic
    Centima Light
    Centima Regular
    Elston Bold
    Elston Light
    Montag Bold
    Montag Light
    Montag Oblique
    Montag Regular
    Recta SC
    Seconda Complete
    Sense Black
    Sense Bold
    Sense ExtraBold
    Sense ExtraLight
    Sense Family
    Sense Light
    Sense Medium
    Sense Regular
    Sense Thin
    Systopie Bold
    Systopie Family
    Systopie Italic
    Systopie Regular
    Terfens Bold
    Terfens Italic
    Terfens Light
    Terfens Regular
    FG Muriel Regular
    Arcle Bold
    Arcle Italic
    Arcle Light

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