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    1 matches comment Not that uncommon jay. It is the Wendy Bold made into a cursive. Known as Wendy (Monotype) and Wendy LP (LetterPerfect) brought to us by Adobe Systems.
    1 matches comment Oops! Should not ask this. If you once had the typeface explain your situation to Monotype and see what they can/will do for you. NOTIFICATION OF LICENSE AGREEMENT This typeface is the property of Monotype Typography and its use by you is covered under the terms of a license agreement. You have obtained this typeface software either directly from Monotype or together with software distributed by one of Monotype’s licensees. This software is a valuable asset of Monotype. Unless you have entered into a specific license agreement granting you additional rights, your use of this software is limited to your workstation for your own publishing use. You may not copy or distribute this software. If you have any question concerning your rights you should review the license agreement you received with the software or contact Monotype for a copy of the license agreement. Monotype can be contacted at: USA 847-718-0400 UK 44(0)1737 765959 For license terms and usage rights, please visit our web site at: www.monotype.com/html/type/license.html
    5 matches comment ! Hi everyone! Can anyone identify the font I used here: http://tn.cafepress.com/9/5407119_TN.jpg It was so long ago and all myfiles were deleted, but I'd sure like to use it again. Thanks!
    1 matches comment Hello Similar Monotype Engravers. Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    3 matches comment uploaded image You know after I posted that (figuring I just had a bold version-admittedly I was in a rush) I saw I had a match with a font called Asia. It would seem that Asia is a renamed Anna. I meant to post back with Asia but just forgot about it. But, the Twentieth Century Poster at identifont is not the same as what I have. The character set is different. Well I did some checking as I thought the 2002 on that font creation didn't make sense as I knew I'd had that font for quite a while. My Twentieth Century Poster is 1998 Monotype. So it would seem they updated it in 2002. The older version is very close to ITC's Anna, created in 1991. I wonder if there was an issue with that and so Monotype updated and made alterations? Regardless I appreciate you catching my error. It would bug me if someone misidentified a font I was looking for.
    1 matches comment Marcelle knows the script it's Monotype Script Bold. ;-)
    1 matches comment Well...what do you know...I have the suspicion that it's the Monotype Scene Black - not sure about the D tho...
    1 matches comment This is Monotype Script Bold aka Script MT Bold.
    1 matches comment The A is the Monotype Corsiva, dvocate is the Myriad Bold.
    1 matches comment Hi I need to find a DIAMOND, SParkly, cursive font.. PLEASE HELP? ANY suggestions? Maybe just even a sparkly cursive font? THANKS

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    Monotype Lydian™ Cursive
    LD Cursive
    LD Cursive Flourish
    Candy Cursive
    Hand Cursive
    LOLO Cursive
    Lydian Cursive
    Lydian Cursive
    Milk Cursive
    Perugia Cursive
    Pompeian Cursive
    Ribbon Cursive
    Stitch Cursive
    Ecliptica BT Cursive
    Florentine Cursive RR Regular
    Hand Cursive Bold
    Hand Cursive Thin
    OL Hebrew Cursive Bold
    OL Hebrew Cursive Light
    Pre Cursive Lined
    Pre Cursive Regular
    Okay Cursive
    Cross Stitch Cursive
    Museum-Tertia Cursive
    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Bernhard Cursive Extra Bold
    Florentine Cursive RR Old Style Figures
    Hand Cursive Package
    Candy Cursive Regular
    Diorite Cursive
    Ecliptica BT Cursive
    Musee Cursive
    Pincel Cursive
    Florentine Cursive Volume
    Pre Cursive Family
    Lydian Cursive Regular
    Transitional 521 Cursive
    P22 Counter Cursive Regular
    P22 Counter Cursive Set
    Electra® (A) Cursive
    Bernhard Cursive Extrabold
    Trocadero Pro Cursive
    Bogdan Rejestrowy Cursive
    Bogdan Siczowy Cursive
    Diorite Bold Cursive
    Electra LTStd-Cursive
    Schadow Light Cursive
    Uniglow Twenty Five Cursive
    Uniglow-Fifty Cursive
    Uniglow-Ten Cursive
    Okay Cursive Italic
    Schadow Light Cursive
    Milk Cursive
    Perugia Cursive Regular
    Stitch Cursive
    Electra® (A) Bold Cursive
    Electra® (A) Cursive OsF
    Electra® (A) Display Cursive
    Musee Cursive
    Uniglow Fifty Cursive
    Uniglow Ten Cursive
    Uniglow Twenty Five Cursive
    Transitional 521 Cursive
    EB Base Mono Cursive
    LTC Cloister Cursive
    P22 Counter Cursive
    Transitional 521 Cursive
    Trocadero Pro-Cursive
    Electra LTStd-Bold Cursive
    Electra LTStd-Cursive Display
    Electra® (A) Bold Cursive OsF
    Electra® (A) Display Bold Cursive
    LTC Cloister Cursive
    Florentine Cursive Regular
    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Florentine Cursive with O.S. Figures
    LTC Cloister Bold Cursive
    LTC Cloister Light Cursive
    P22 Counter Cursive Pro
    Electra LTStd-Bold Cursive Dis
    LTC Cloister Bold Cursive
    LTC Cloister Light Cursive
    LTC Goudy Handtooled Cursive
    LTC Goudy Oldstyle Cursive
    Bogdan Multilingual Rejestrowy Cursive
    Bogdan Multilingual Siczowy Cursive
    Electra® Cursive
    Hand Cursive™ Bold
    Hand Cursive™ Thin
    LTC Goudy Handtooled Cursive
    LTC Goudy Oldstyle Cursive
    Cross Stitch Cursive
    Electra® Bold Cursive
    Electra® Cursive OsF
    LTC Goudy Oldstyle Bold Cursive
    Electra® Display Cursive
    LTC Goudy Oldstyle Cursive Bold
    Pompeian Cursive
    Electra® Bold Cursive OsF
    Electra® Display Bold Cursive

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