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    1 matches comment This is a bit vague. If you don't know the name, if you don't have a pict, if you don't know in which language whatever you are looking for would mean beautiful ... what do you expect? A miracle? If so maybe you should ask here. Or, come up with some info.
    1 matches comment G'day, I need to identify this font please: [img:413cd9c375]http://www.mbfoundation.org/CLIP%20ART/Miracle-Text.gif[/img:413cd9c375] Thanks in advance
    1 matches comment As you say, similar. But it can't even touch Henk Gianotten's Promotor, designed for Lettergieterij Amsterdam / Tetterode. Altough the rights were sold to Linotype it is not shown on their site. How and why Elsner&Flake can claim the copyright (1994!!! while the rights were sold to Linotype on October 1 2000!!) is a miracle to me. How could you possibly hate it ...
    1 matches comment Getting Bets and com right with the Crunchy Taco would have been a true miracle Carlos. For Bets they used Minion Cn Capt Medium.
    1 matches comment You are SO THOROUGH, and far more nuanced (not to mention experienced) than I, when it comes to fonts. I did a print screen from the page where I found a version of Parson's Italic, and then did a cut 'n' paste from your Shelly Andante (Bitstream) image for comparison: http://www.MyOnlineImages.com/Members/Terre/images/ParsonsItalic.jpg The CAPS in the version I found (which is a corrupt file) have more of a flourish (which is what I liked) plus the small "l" is more open. Some of the smaller case letters, besides the "l" might be different, but it's impossible to tell. Other than that, I don't see much of a difference. Keep me in mind if you EVER come across the Parsons Italic that no longer appears to be available. Also, I have this post set to notify me of replies, so if by some miracle anyone happens to have it in their stash of fonts... :o)
    1 matches comment Well, unless a miracle happens it looks like you'll be bald. Look at the positive side - millions pay their hairdressers a fortune to get a shiny ball on top of their torso. You'll have it for free! Strange though, It seems to be THE font in skate boarding. Or is it that Powell Peralta, minilogo and Bones Swiss are just a brands of Skate One? Probably. That could mean that the font is a Skate One proprietary logo-font and thus not out there in the wild or the zoo. I tried the B and the E but no way. Anyone can prove me wrong with the help of these: [img:da4d94f7c8]http://www.powellperalta.co.uk/powellstickers/speyerlogo.jpg[/img:da4d94f7c8] [img:da4d94f7c8]http://www.powellperalta.co.uk/powellstickers/stevielogo.jpg[/img:da4d94f7c8] [img:da4d94f7c8]http://www.powellperalta.co.uk/powellstickers/buckylogo.jpg[/img:da4d94f7c8] [img:da4d94f7c8]http://www.powellperalta.co.uk/powellstickers/powelllogo.jpg[/img:da4d94f7c8] [img:da4d94f7c8]http://minilogoskateboards.com/images/mlm/mlm_logo.gif[/img:da4d94f7c8] [img:da4d94f7c8]http://minilogoskateboards.com/images/minilogo_logo.gif[/img:da4d94f7c8] Or, W... Stone, before you're totally bald, why not ask the communications people of Skate One which font they used? Second thought - Most of the capital letters are now known so reconstructing the alphabet can be done. That leaves the lowercase letters but for those a VAG Rounded [my very first thought] clone can be used. I can't help but thinking that this font was/is based on VAG Rounded.
    1 matches comment I've had the same experience with the production team of REPO: The Genetic Opera movie (http://www.repo-opera.com/). They used my Red October for the official movie website, without asking. While they used other fonts for trailers, my typeface is all over the official website plus some merchandise. When they finally replied with this: "Listen, I don't create the posters, so I have no clue which font's they use. (it's a team of people in Canada - and Atlanta). But that being said, I looked on your site, and RED OCTOBER sure looks like some of the REPO stuff, but I think we have numerous fonts that are used. All in that Russian propaganda style. But I do love the look of this propaganda stuff, and I do love your font RED OCTOBER. Would you be up for doing an interview on the REPO SITE? We have thousands of users, a lot of those people graphic designers, and I am sure it would get you a lot of press? Also, I would love to include you in our special thanks on the website. Do you have a bio? Again, no one intentionally took or used your font. If it was done, it was an oversight. I am not sure if you have heard the REPO story, (what we went through to get the movie made) but it was a miracle it was even released. That being said, lets get you some credit and press! " I'm not greedy or something, so I just wanted to make a statement here. Your case is slightly different - I remember that Aeropostale wasn't the cheapest brand in the States, so they should be able to pay for it. The people who asked me about using my typefaces for commercial purposes so far mentioned which is the client - often small companies, which is good - this way you know what's the whole deal. You definitely have to ask for something in return...of course, a lawsuit would be an overkill for you. Throw them a line and see what they will answer. good luck....
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