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    2 matches comment uploaded image - I'm hoping you can help me identify the 2 fonts in the attached document. - I was told that it was Minion Pro (Regular and Semibold Italics), but some of the ligatures and extensions do not match Minion Pro or any other font I can find. Please note the way the "f" and "i" in "find" flow together, and the double "ff" flourish. This differs from the original Adobe Minion Pro font:. If this is a bootlegged font, it's awfully sophisticated. - Eagerly awaiting your reply, and with thanks!
    1 matches comment Looks like the Minion Semibold, a bit expanded.
    1 matches comment I think we are looking at the Minion. Probably the Black and then condensed to about two third.
    5 matches comment "Suite B Lounge" I am trying to ID this font, but I all keep running into is Bickham Script Pro... it looks like the "B" may be from another font but I am not totally certain. Please help! :) Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Getting Bets and com right with the Crunchy Taco would have been a true miracle Carlos. For Bets they used Minion Cn Capt Medium.
    3 matches comment Hi.. I'm new here.. I am looking for a free version of Tekton Pro, or the best package available at a resonable rate.. and which site to get it from? Thanks so much ! :)
    1 matches comment Safika MEDIA is respectively Myriad Regular and Myriad Light, while Highbury is Minion
    1 matches comment Looks like Jupiter Pro - overlooked because of the more popular "movie" font Trajan.
    2 matches comment It could also be the very similar PF Champion Pro by Parachute ( over 4,000 glyphs and many ligatures)

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