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    1 matches comment Can anyone tell me where I can download the font the Miami Heat basketball team uses for the word "HEAT" on their jerseys... preferably for free if possible? Thanks.
    4 matches comment hello guys i'm searching the font of CSI MIAMI and csi with grissom can you please help me
    3 matches comment Hello! I'm looking for the font of the cast in the intro of CSI Miami. By the way, it is not Clicker Thanks Drangel
    1 matches comment I need help. I need fonts for all NBA teams excluding the following: Atlanta Hawks Miami Heat Boston Celtics New Jersey Nets Washington Wizards Golden State Warriors Orlando Magic can u ppl tell me the names of them if u know? Mr. Baron (asw_scorpion@hotmail.com , aswlive@yahoo.ca)
    1 matches comment I need help with font identification I know that Clicker Regular is font used in CSI franchise but Miami version,in it's logo,has other font I added image,word 'MIAMI' what font is it? Please help
    2 matches comment Please, help me identifying this "Miami" font. Thanks in advance
    2 matches comment Hello, I'm looking for suggestions regarding a font. I'm looking for something with horizontal lines through the letters, thin, almost techy. The lines can either be random or consistent. I suppost context would help, I'm looking to label an arcade button "heat vision" for the old Superman game. Definitely not looking for flame related fonts, but something modern and clean would be fantastic. I like the idea of the lines indicating motion or lasers.
    3 matches comment I've been trying to figure out this font for a while and finally came across this site which seems to be a great resource. Any and all help will be appreciated in figuring out which font this is. Thank you
    1 matches comment Erica, this is an international forum. It therefore pays to use common English so that all can understand. So please avoid Miami slang. Thanks.
    1 matches comment Hi Kat, how are you? hope your well. Yes I know I threw you a curved ball not including subject! (I think its the heat getting to me!) I just thought it would have been apt given the fonts feline'ish name if you would have got it first. Kind Regards Gary

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