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    2 matches comment [quote]@koeiekat: And why do these dreadful frakturs keep popping up?[/quote] I know many bands (Radiohead, for one) have made their websites VERRRY fraktur-heavy. It seems to be a strong influence on t-shirt design at the moment too, i.e. flowy, dense lines, faded and distressed lettering. frakturs lend themselves to that. Just my take. I've seen a lot of them lately. edit to say: i must say I'm guilty of giving in to them once or twice!
    1 matches comment ive looked everywhere for a few months and all i get is other bands fonts i really love the Him font if anyone could help me find it i would be very pleased...
    1 matches comment 28 Days Later, which you could have found easily had you taken the trouble to have look at the Distorted and Trash fonts.
    1 matches comment so far it looks like and old English font but only one thing i cant find any font that has the Same (O)(G) or (E) Thank you GUYS!! btw if you cant see the image heres my friends bands page that uses the font. www.myspace.com/oblige Once again thank you very much if this is identified!! :D
    1 matches comment I'm looking for a font a friend of mine told me about, it has various symbols for bands and other stuuf such as AC/DC Metallica, the Parental Advisory thing and other such symbols, please help me find it, Thx.
    1 matches comment Hey! Check out Themed Fonts: http://zapo.virtualave.net/themed.html Scroll down to the Bands/Music Related Fonts section. Hope you find what you are looking for! Jenn :) ::Jenn's Jewelry:: http://members.home.net/jennsjewelry/
    1 matches comment If you want to hear music of let’s say AC/DC and you can’t afford to buy a CD. Then you could ask for similar music which is free. Then you could find some hard rock music from bands which share their music for free. They also have heavy guitars, some nice licks probably, maybe a strong voice. Similar in some cases but not the real. If you like that, great. But there are also others who ask for »free downloads« of AC/DC. That would be illegal. And then there are some users who rip the AC/DC-CDs and offer them under a new name, maybe DC/AC or something else. Same file, new name. In digital world no problem to do, but to live with it. See the similarity?
    1 matches comment uploaded image It can be found on many band's logo's, there are quite a few variations but they all seem to be focused around the same font. It is used on logo's of bands such as Ingested (http://www.myspace.com/ingesteduk), Aborted (http://www.myspace.com/abortedmetal) and Diskreet (http://www.myspace.com/diskreet). If anyone identifies it, please post link to download. Cheers.
    1 matches comment Well it's hard to say. But try El&Font Gothic. Seems to be quite popular in the independent music business (especially for the wings in the font) Some Blackletter-fonts are a go, too. Use Spike Regular for example. Have you had a look at the various grunge, spike, Horror or weird departments here? Oh yes, Opiated comes to mind (as the bands name resembles it) Oh and the new Barrio from Dasklem is nice too. Well, finally, it depends what you make out of it. With some ideas Impact, Eurostile and even a plain Helvetica can make a good typeface for a band's logo.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15225 This is the stripped back freeware version of the band's official font it only contains 14 letters if you require a full version please contact via email the designer spideray@windowstipsclub.com This excellent 5 piece indie band are called Sparks Made us, you can follow them and sample their music here; http://www.facebook.com/sparksmadeus/ http://www.myspace.com/sparksmadeus/ http://sparksmadeus.tumblr.com/ http://misshelendean.tumblr.com/ BANDS BIO: 5 piece from England that make music for that feeling when you find a tenner in your trousers from the night before. We also make unidentifiable music. Sparks Made Us are = Andy, Courts, Rob, Ally, Jack BAND REVIEWS: There are many here are a few of the latest this one is from the sounding better blogspot, http://soundingbetter.blogspot.com/2011/02/sparks-made-us.html The Mulberry Farnham @ facebook says ... "Probably the best young indie act in Farnham - check them out!" http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=168353766552112

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