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    7 matches comment Hi, Does anyone have an idea of what is the Men's Health logo font? or a font that really looks like it thank you! =) pictures of the logo: http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/5985/menshealthuu2.jpg http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/1555/060119125316328bwv9.jpg
    7 matches comment i don't know the name of this font for mens health magazine. the words like Eat this, Not that and Gain Muscle in Bold;can you identify it for me?
    5 matches comment Can anyone Identify this font?? thanks alot!!
    3 matches comment Any clues? I love the font but the internet is not being very helpfull :( Any ideas?
    3 matches comment Can someone identify this font? We have to re-letter their truck TODAY which they supplied lettering for, but their diagram was off-centered and now we have to re-do the phone #. Help! Thanks!
    3 matches comment Oooops, you cannnot produce 3-minute-movies in 3 minutes each, huh? Or is it because you don't sleep? I think I found the "Men In Black" font; it's the Metrostyle (sometimes called Microgramma), but you have to do some transformations in hight, width and spacing between the letters. I can't identify the MIB font. There are many similar fonts but the M is the special letter. It is soooo fat in the middle part, no M that I know has the same appearance. And I think, I know many of them! But if you've got Corel's Draw or Macromedia's Freehand or Adobe's Illustrator, you can convert the letters in curves and do the necessary changes with the Bezier-Tool. Suitable for the MIB are e.g. the Compacta Black BT or the Olive Nord MN. You'll find the fonts here: http://people.freenet.de/commoc/MIBfonts.zip Ute
    1 matches comment ? The "Murderers," most of my theories about who tried to kill Paul Young Desperate Housewives DVD died quickly. Unfortunately, this was not the only disappointment of the night.Let's face it: Beth is not really a long-term player in the series, and create a good exit strategy for her to be the culprit. Grey's Anatomy DVD After his conversation with his mother convincing about the shooting, however, we can eliminate as a suspect.Beth seems to really be in love with the man. But now he knows who she really is, the question becomes: what will he do for her? Two and a Half Men DVD I suppose that the victim may be killer once again that Paul's anger built for Beth. Attention, daughter, mom may be right this time!Apart from Beth and Felicia Glee DVD- I thought that maybe the shooter may be someone completely unpretentious - my next choice was Renee. Now I know it's a long shot But remember:Renee does not have a role in the way, The Big Bang Theory DVD and its output may be just around the corner. The divorced woman, without family and friends can go very far is limited to protecting people he cares about.
    1 matches comment ? In Finn / Rachel / before Quinn, the latter do everything she could to save her life as queen of the school, Glee DVD but you could tell she did not really buy it. His eyes welled as she told Rachel off, because Quinn is just not sure who she is. Without the crown of ball and head cheerleader of equipment, The Big Bang Theory DVD how it is defined? Being Finn's girlfriend, she thought, but not at the expense of a couple who are clearly destined to be.Hopefully soon Finchel fans rejoice when Quinn realizes he can not stand the way.One aspect Desperate Housewives DVD of the episode was forced and unnecessary, though: the use of regional judges. I'm usually all for some good jokes about Sarah Palin, but was pushed in and out of place here, as producers lost a bet Kathy GriffinGrey's Anatomy DVD and had to pay more than a cameo.Overall, it was the kind of episode that made me fall in love with joy, in the first place. Great quality, non-stop singing - a total of seven songs, not including such classics as "Trouty mouth" and "Big Ass Heart" Two and a Half Men DVD - and relationships that make you laugh and mourn.With the show taking a few weeks until April, was the perfect way to go. What do you all think?
    1 matches comment Eraser, indeed. Except for the & which is the Turntablz BB. The link shows the bold version but the regular is also in the zip.
    1 matches comment [quote]@Dianne:Hello, I'm trying to solve a puzzle and have been given a hint by someone that to solve it, I need to find the font used. I have googled all morning to no avail! I'm not really even sure what keywords to search as I am not too familiar with fonts. Does anyone recognise it? If not help me with some keywords to google so I can spend some time manually looking for it. Cheers, Dianne[/quote] Yes, I recognize it. It appears to be Dancing Men by Martin Bergman. http://www.fontspace.com/martin-bergman/dancingmen Freeware.

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