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    5 matches comment that is a bad idea max... legal, ethical and other issues... i would not do that, personally
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11992 Quote: "Max is a typeface of innocent architecture, even the bold weight has a naïve fragility. The upper case letters are simply overlined versions of the lower case. A toast to the birth of Max Herrmann, son of the photographer Paul Herrmann." www.k-type.com
    1 matches comment 1280X1024, but i dont think resolution is the main factor here... it's your 100% width thing :D
    1 matches comment Baylor fought back to score three runs in the next frame, making the game 7 5 Devils. But Baylor saved their biggest offensive explosion for the top of the ninth, as Porter hit a two run shot to left to tie Nike Air Max Dame the game and Duncan Wendel knocked a single to right, which Allen booted, allowing Billige Nike Air Max the winning run to cross the plate. Air Max 1 The Bears would add another Nike Sko run and shut down Arizona State last three batters to capture the victory..
    1 matches comment Handwriting, always tricky. Can you make a bigger scan? With far better contrast, 300dpi and don't use a compression factor of more than 20% / quality = 80. Better still, don't use jpg. make it grayscale and save as gif. Maybe then I can find it.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Yes there are better picts. And now there is no doubt anymore about the Alternate Gothic #2. Edit kk: MDUK, never ever use jpeg compression for line art - like fonts. And, if for one reason or another you must use jpeg never ever use a compression of more than 20% (factor 8). Edit again: Now with a better pict the g tells us it is NOT the Alternate Gothic #2 but probably the Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed. Probably!
    2 matches comment ? Hi im looking for font from the Maximum Ride book by james Patterson. Either title related or Max's hand writing. please let me know if anyone has seen one anywhere.
    1 matches comment uploaded image GetVoIP Grotesque has all the qualities needed for a solid and strong font: it’s legible at small sizes; but it looks absolutely fantastic in large sizes and heavier weights; and it offers true italics. Grotesque was designed to exhibit the WOW factor of your copy, and is sure bring out the message within the message while still maintaining a subtle calligraphic touch. Its intended use is more for page headlines than body copy, but we love the way the GetVoIP Grotesque looks at every size. Download font: Free Grotesque Web Font GetVoip
    1 matches comment Thank you kkat..
    1 matches comment [quote]@Max Point:i actually found one that was a bit closer than pop warner: mandatory http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/10607 [/quote] Are you really sure? First take a look at the S. Bye bye

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