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    14 matches comment If you can send me the A Perfect Circle Rune font I'd appreciate it.... stereotypical_anticonformist@yahoo.com
    3 matches comment ! Looking for a font that has the at symbol "@" but instead of an 'a' in the circle i want an 'e'. I found this once before but can't remember where. Any clues?
    2 matches comment Adobe Tekton multiple master in a Quark doc looks fine on screen. On my HP Color Laserjet 2550 it prints Courier. Mac 10.3.9 should work with multiple master. Checked Adobe, HP, and Apple sites and could not come up with a way to make it print right. Any ideas? Thanks.
    1 matches comment I am looking for a font that enclosed alphanumerics, specifically letters, both upper and lower case, enclosed by a circle. There seem to be plenty of dingbats that have numerals enclosed by a circle but I cannot find any fonts that have letters. More formally, they are characters in the Unicode range 2460 - 24FF. Any help would be much appreciated.
    1 matches comment hello, i trying to find the font that Master lock company is using on their combination padlocks. can you help me? thank you, dana
    3 matches comment ? I am looking for the simplest thing, a very plain fontbat of the alphabet letters in a simple circle, similar to the number sets in our beloved ITC Zapf Dingbats. I cannot imagine that it was not one of the first sets created, however I do not remember actually seeing it and can not locate it for the life of me. I find every other flavor under the sun (including letters within squares, ovals, decorated circles, etc) but not the simple bullet that I am seeking. Any help would be most appreciated
    1 matches comment ¡MASTER!
    1 matches comment Thank you Master McGee*
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13383 This is the font that the band A Perfect Circle uses :)
    2 matches comment I'd really like to know what font they're using for this logo, as I want to make a variation of it, and use it on my website as a promotion. I've found a few that are close, but it's the letter C and the parenthesis that don't match any font I've seen - yet. I also know that the parenthesis may not actually be part of the font, but sections of a circle.

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    DB Post Master
    Aquiline Master
    Master Flo
    Master Script
    Japanese Brush Master
    Circle Numbers MF
    Geometry Circle
    Japanese Brush Master
    PT-Master Regular
    FT Master Regular
    FT Master Of Poster Light
    FT Master Of Poster Complete Family Pack
    Geometric Circle 01
    Geometric Circle 02
    Geometric Circle 03
    Geometric Circle 04
    Geometric Circle 05
    Geometric Circle 06
    Performance Circle Plus
    UNDA Circle
    Performance Cyrillic Circle Plus
    Fyra Alpha Circle
    Geometric Circle 01
    Geometric Circle 02
    Geometric Circle 03
    Geometric Circle 04
    Geometric Circle 05
    Geometric Circle 06
    Circle Frame™ Negative
    Circle Frame™ Positive
    UNDA Circle
    Performance Circle Minus
    UNDA Circle Fine
    UNDA-Circle Fine
    Performance Cyrillic Circle Minus
    Fyra Alpha Circle Bold
    Fyra Numeric Circle Closed
    Fyra Numeric Circle Open
    Type Tile Circle
    UNDA Circle Fine Italic
    UNDA Circle Fine
    Circle Numbers Regular
    UNDA Circle Fine Italic
    Numbers Style One-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style One-Circle Positive
    Numbers Style Three-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Circle Positive
    Numbers Style Two-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style Two-Circle Positive
    Deconumbers™ Pi #1 (Circle)
    Linotype Tapestry™ Circle
    Nerdropol Circle
    Rukyltronic Circle
    Zerbydoo Circle
    FT MasterOfPoster
    FT MasterOfPoster Bold
    FT MasterOfPoster Light
    Brewmaster Modern
    Eilat Regular
    Iguana Volume
    Venus Regular
    Hausbau Regular
    Soleil Bold
    Soleil Book
    Soleil Extrabold
    Soleil Family
    Soleil Light
    Soleil Regular
    Soleil Semibold
    Yuki Regular
    Yuki Lined
    Yuki Bold
    BN Hazerot Volume
    Fifty Five Volume
    Klemantina Volume
    Lahmaniot Regular
    Monumental Volume
    Propaganda Volume
    Maline Bold
    Clonoid Black
    Clonoid Bold
    Clonoid Family
    Clonoid Light
    Clonoid Regular
    Clonoid Semibold
    Narkis Block Condensed
    Narkis Classic Medium
    Yuki Lined Bold
    Colo Regular
    Adva Close Volume
    Haim Round Volume
    Ktiva Tama Volume
    Musa Decor Volume
    Prat Proza Volume
    Tom Square Volume
    Clonoid Black Italic
    Clonoid Bold Italic

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