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    6 matches comment Yeah, Alex - we're mumbling here, mentioning you - just to test you're paying attention to what we're mumbling about :) OT. There's no way to avoid Chinese spammers here, and I'm doing my best to erase their SPAM as soon as I see it, but do u think it's possible to give me the right to ban users, who spam :)
    1 matches comment Umm, I'd better ban him?
    2 matches comment and BTW Alex, the person that posted the thing about the shoes, if you have a way to ban them, do it right away! Those guys damn near ruined the Brands of the World forum for a while, they just kept posting and posting until they were burying the legitimate requests. Finally the site admin made me and about 5 other people moderators. They still post about thirty times a day over there, but we can delete them now...
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    1 matches comment raaj84 ( has been banned. I suggest a general IP ban on 122.178.x.x (BHARTI TELENET LTD. TAMILNADU, INDIA)

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