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    4 matches comment I looking for the MLS (US Major League Soccer) Official font.
    2 matches comment Koeie - No Problemo - it's an Americanism... Not going for the male/female or even proper. Don't know where it came from - probably some comedian during the 1950s or 1960s... with the influx of the Spanish speaking population in major cities in the US.
    1 matches comment Could anybody please identify this font for me because I used it in an IT coursework and I need it again because I've made some major errors. Help would be much appreciated! xXHXx
    1 matches comment check this out: Major Snafu, Regular http://abstractfonts.com/font/11420?text=BASSLEADER
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #11931 Icludes alternate Capitals in the lowercase area, full ascii support, the Euro, Major Accents, and the OpenType enabled ligature of .~ (the Snark) for marking ironic sentences.
    1 matches comment Can anyone tell me what font this is? I was looking around and tried several sites and the closest font I can find is coffee service or scriptorama tradeshow but neither of these are right. If you look for example at the "r", this is a major difference. If anyone could help, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
    1 matches comment I'm having major trouble figuring out this font from an old project of mine (that I need again.. figures). I cannot remember for the life of me the name and the font is gone from my pc. arghgh! Help please!
    1 matches comment Thanks propaganda. Caslon Openface looks very similar indeed. However, there are major differences between the capital R and capital P; Caslon seems to be a bit curvier. If nothing else comes up, I would certainly use this as an alternative.
    1 matches comment [quote]@emmett:...how would one know if it's a commercial font or not? [/quote] Just by looking at the major selling sites, like ITC, Linotype, Berthold, MyFonts... If it's in there, then it is for sale. If not, look in other sites, Abstractfonts, Dafont... !
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