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    1 matches comment oh thanks!!! i thought it was something all complicated and stuff.... :) i didn't even think to look at stuff i already had...hehe made my day ;) :0) *~*melly*~*
    3 matches comment Alex shall I dump the rest of kirksucks stuff here?
    1 matches comment yeah there are many simlar fonts out there take a look at the 3 links below there are some nice script type fonts there. hope they are of help. let me know. script link1 scipt link 2 script link 3 Happy Fonting Peace out BiG:cool:
    2 matches comment Thank you Alex! It's such a neat font. I love the old ECF stuff.
    2 matches comment I'm new with this kind of stuff. I donwloaded a font, but I don't know how to put it into Microsoft word. Can somebody help me! Thanks, Merel
    1 matches comment Cézanne would definitely work well with that theme, but it's not the only one. It's easy to get that feel with all authentically-old-looking, slightly-sloppy scripty handwriting fonts. They will not[/i:7c896da9bc] look like Cézanne, but they'll give the same feeling. You can poke around in the appropriate categories here, or at dafonts.com, or pretty much any other free fonts site, and find some stuff. Will they all look appropriate? Have they all got smartquotes, em- and en-dashes, and hyphens? Have they all even got full character sets? Maybe not. But I promise the good stuff is out there. If you can't afford to get Cézanne, you don't need Cézanne. -- Liana (This was just to get you started looking, in case you want to pick your own. If you'd like help looking for specific fonts, I'd be glad to help with that too.)
    2 matches comment try in Http://www.JustFreeFonts.com i found lotsa stuff there that i couldnt find elsewhere.. let me know if you still cant find it..
    2 matches comment ! Hi all, I'm looking for the font above, and fonts similar to the image shown above. Prefer the freeware stuff, but I'd be glad to know of any commercial ones too. I'm willing to buy! Thanx in advance! :) Lynda
    1 matches comment Good to know that the next AF design is coming soon! :D Can't wait to see that! You love great ideas, so here's another idea, see if you like it! You can put a section on Font Management Utilities and similar stuff on AF! Now you'll say you can find that on CNet or ZDNet, but they don't have Screenshots[/b:4dc7ed01b0] of those software, and don't give much details about their features. Finding out which one's best out of them by installing each of them is another headache. A screenshot can give a good indication about the features, and that's what those sites lack. This is a site dedicated to fonts, so why leave the font management utils out! All font related stuff at one place would be great! :)
    1 matches comment good stuff! :D

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