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    7 matches comment Hi I'm looking for a font to help my daughter learn to write. I want something like the Sasson infant font with exit strokes and the letter k as you would write it (with a roundy bit in the middle instead of the line). Does anyone know if something like this is available?
    1 matches comment Handwritting
    1 matches comment I need the handwritting one, (about you now type) thanks!!!!
    1 matches comment have u tried the Handwritting category on our site?
    1 matches comment At first glance Blackadder, but google handwritting fonts.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi guys, anyone knows the handwritting font??? (about you now words) thanks a lot
    1 matches comment hi folks, like everybody i need help with the name of this font. a sililar font would work as well. important is this tail kind of thing (and the handwritting-style) thanx osinho
    1 matches comment Mutilated Lucida Handwritting
    1 matches comment Cannot point you to exactly "girl pre-teen" category, but at least there is Handwritting category.

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