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    10 matches comment ? i would like to request for a website where i could find the Worldcup 2006-Germany, France & Portugal team jersey fonts.. or you could give me some.. thanks in advance..
    8 matches comment view details for free font #12538 The Regime Change that art life found for Edward Fisher. By an unknown designer. Renamed to Regime Change 2006 (the year of the creation of the font) to avoid naming conflict with Jason Ramirez' Regime Change font (although ... also 2006 ... lots of regime changes that year?)
    5 matches comment I'm looking for a symbol that would indicate "extra weight," like a scale. But it needs to be a font and not a graphic. I have searched the Web extensively for symbol fonts and haven't found anything. Does anyone know of such a thing?
    6 matches comment Hi!, i am wondering where i can get the front the the 1970's kds programme The Magic Roundabout, i cant seen to locate it anyehere, the nearest front that looks like it is the Carnival front.
    6 matches comment ! Please can some one help me find the font used on the Germay 2006 world cup site please. I am after the font in green on the left hand side as shown below. Also a fifa looking font would be good. http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/ [img:62e73d1b06]http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/fifa/06/en/mast3_h.jpg[/img:62e73d1b06] Regards Adrian
    3 matches comment ! Looking for a font that has the at symbol "@" but instead of an 'a' in the circle i want an 'e'. I found this once before but can't remember where. Any clues?
    1 matches comment From seeing your logo I would say keep the font simple and boring, just like you've got. I don't think you should distract from the symbol. Maybe try placing the symbol over the text & increacing the size of CFS. Or combine the 3 initials over the symbol; goes towards creating brand recognition and eventually balance of text is dropped off .
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11200 another FIFA 2006 themed dingbat features synmbols of many different soccer/football teams
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11451 fifa, germany, football, soccer, 2006, england, team
    1 matches comment Anyone know of a map symbol font that would include symbols for wetlands - swamp, saltmarsh, etc.?

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