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    3 matches comment After quite a bit of searching I am at a loss........ Can anyone link me up with a font that has numbers of which the zero has a diagonal or vertical line through it ?? Just like the old days, lol, when we would write a line thru the zero to differentiate it from the letter O.... I hope someone can help me. Thanks, Kerry
    1 matches comment third line is serpentine and last line is american typewriter. anyone know the others?
    4 matches comment Hello...I'm looking for a free font similar to Algerian. I especially like the shape of the "A". I would like it to not have the second shadow line. Thanks.. ~Joanne F.
    1 matches comment Hello, My laptop crashed, and apparently wherever I had gotten this font from, I can't find it on my new desktop while redoing my website. I would think the font was either from Microsoft Office or Photoshop, though it's possible it came from another program... it's been too long since I worked on it. =( Anyway, if you could help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks http://www.jononoble.com/line-Resume.jpg http://www.jononoble.com/line-Lagniappe.jpg http://www.jononoble.com/line-Head%20Shots.jpg http://www.jononoble.com/line-Short%20Bio.jpg
    2 matches comment is there someone who knows where i can download font single line. its use for engrave. thanks
    1 matches comment I see that it's the same font - EXCEPT that it doesn't have the tri-line. Pump Tri-line is very similar, but it doesn't have closed ends like this font does. Any suggestions on how I can get this font with the tri-line?
    3 matches comment Can somebody help me by identifying the font?
    1 matches comment I search for blog like this long time.You website is very good!I will come next time! on line casino
    1 matches comment PLEASE help i am looking for a font having underline under its alphabets and integers so that it seems like a under line under a word i need courier new standard only can any one here provide me one like this
    2 matches comment Thanks guys :D Gwen Stefani did a line of Lesportsac bags before she started her own clothing line. This was the font used on her L.A.M.B. bags. They say "Love Angel Music Baby Lamb" and "Where did my lamb go". I bought an ipod tattoo a while back that had the wording on it and I loved it but it was not waterproof and it smeared and made a mess. So I found a place that will make a plastic ipod tattoo (no smearing!) with whatever design you like. I'd like to do the L.A.M.B. design but can't seem to get that stupid "s". They look like this: http://lamb-archive.net/files/pictures/season2-hellahobo.jpg

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    On The Line
    A Morris Line
    Christel Line
    Conga Line NF
    Hair Line
    Line Wire
    Christel Line Black
    Line Wire Bold
    Line Wire Italic
    Line Wire Light
    Line Wire Medium
    Line Wire Thin
    Ultra Condensed Line
    Red Star Line NF
    Line Wire Bold Italic
    Line Wire Thin Italic
    Doodles the Alphabet Line
    Olympik Bold Line
    Olympik Fine Line
    Shiraz In Line
    Dox Line
    Paperocked Line
    Portal Line
    Prisma Line
    Sarkozi Line Patterns Pi
    Dox Line Regular
    Akimoto Line
    Cuadrifonte Line
    Geometric Line 01-01
    Geometric Line 01-02
    Geometric Line 01-03
    Geometric Line 01-04
    Geometric Line 01-05
    Geometric Line 01-06
    Geometric Line 01-07
    Geometric Line 01-08
    Geometric Line 01-09
    Geometric Line 01-10
    Montique In Line
    Montique Out Line
    Pritchard Line Out LET
    Santa 2 Line
    SB Message Line
    Shiraz In Line
    Superbold Line
    Vasco In Line
    Yummy Line
    Prisma Line Regular
    Montique Out Line
    Portal Line Regular
    Industrial Gothic™ Double Line
    Line Drive Outlined
    Clear Line Regular
    Line Drive Shadow
    Industrial Gothic™ Single Line
    Geometric Line 01 01
    Geometric Line 01 02
    Geometric Line 01 03
    Geometric Line 01 04
    Geometric Line 01 05
    Geometric Line 01 06
    Geometric Line 01 07
    Geometric Line 01 08
    Geometric Line 01 09
    Geometric Line 01 10
    Olympik Bold Line
    Olympik Fine Line
    Tephe-Line Exp
    Line Drive Bold
    Line Drive Regular
    Poster Gothic Double Line
    Conference Call BH Line One
    Conference Call BH Line Two
    Doodles the Alphabet-Line
    Hardliner Bi Line AOE
    P22 Counter Line
    Poster Gothic In Line
    Geometric Line Set
    Martini at Joes Brush Out Line
    P22 Constructivist Line
    Line Wire Bold
    Line Wire Regular
    Line Wire Thin
    P22 Zebra Line Cut
    P22 Constructivist Line
    Hardliner Tri Line AOE
    P22 Zebra-Line Cut
    Poster Gothic Double Line
    Pritchard™ Line Out
    Line Wire Bold Italic
    Line Wire Regular Italic
    Line Wire Thin Italic
    Brillig Line
    Cuadrifonte Line
    Courier Line Draw Bold
    Courier Line Draw Italic
    Courier Line Draw Regular
    ARB 66 Neon Line JUN-37 DTP Normal
    Line Wire Light

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