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    6 matches comment Hi Alex, Kat and all.... I've been sick (allergies?) for the past few days so I didn't get a chance to respond. Thanx for letting me know about the forum...I had a different username there (Lynda V.E.) but one thing I wanted to say: I think being able to access this new forum with the same username instead of having to create another one is a good idea. I remember thinking it seemed weird that I couldn't access the forum with my member ID. Ah well. :) BTW Kat, I am very nice to cats....so nice that my mom & I adopt only rescued cats & kittens. She has 5 and I have 2. Hers were strays found near her home, mine were barn kittens. All are now healthy, happy, and very affectionate! My mom's 5 are made up of 2 sets: 3 from 1 litter, age 7 and two from another litter and mama, age 2 1/2. Mine are 6 1/2 and from a completely different area.
    5 matches comment ! Hi everyone! Can anyone identify the font I used here: http://tn.cafepress.com/9/5407119_TN.jpg It was so long ago and all myfiles were deleted, but I'd sure like to use it again. Thanks!
    2 matches comment Lynda, since you like sideshow so much, have you ever conidered Ray Larabie's Terylene Top?
    3 matches comment Hello Maybe: www.whatfontis.com/Lynda-Wide-Italic.font?text=Sister%20Hele Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    1 matches comment Hi I need to find a DIAMOND, SParkly, cursive font.. PLEASE HELP? ANY suggestions? Maybe just even a sparkly cursive font? THANKS
    4 matches comment Hey again, Got another request...I am looking for some stained glass freeware fonts similar to ITC stained glass one (which I bought and really like). For those who don't know, ITC's stained glass font has letters against a stained glass background. Somewhere, a few months ago, I saw a font that was quite similar...at another font archive. I cannot remember the whole name....it was called "____ Cathedral". I believe there were initials before the name "Cathedral", like KD or something. The font is basically a freeware version that is similar to the commercial version (but is NOT a copy) of the stained glass font. I was wondering if there are any fonts like that one around? Also if you find the ___ Cathedral font could you provide a download link? thanx! Lynda :)
    2 matches comment ! Hi all, I'm looking for the font above, and fonts similar to the image shown above. Prefer the freeware stuff, but I'd be glad to know of any commercial ones too. I'm willing to buy! Thanx in advance! :) Lynda
    1 matches comment Could someone suggest a realistic-looking handwriting font? Not printed, I want it to be cursive. I want to use it in letters. Thanks.
    1 matches comment The M is the Lydian Cursive and the rest is the Park Avenue.

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    Lynda Regular
    LD Cursive
    LD Cursive Flourish
    Candy Cursive
    Hand Cursive
    LOLO Cursive
    Lydian Cursive
    Lydian Cursive
    Milk Cursive
    Perugia Cursive
    Pompeian Cursive
    Ribbon Cursive
    Stitch Cursive
    Ecliptica BT Cursive
    Florentine Cursive RR Regular
    Hand Cursive Bold
    Hand Cursive Thin
    OL Hebrew Cursive Bold
    OL Hebrew Cursive Light
    Pre Cursive Lined
    Pre Cursive Regular
    Okay Cursive
    Cross Stitch Cursive
    Museum-Tertia Cursive
    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Bernhard Cursive Extra Bold
    Florentine Cursive RR Old Style Figures
    Hand Cursive Package
    Candy Cursive Regular
    Diorite Cursive
    Ecliptica BT Cursive
    Musee Cursive
    Pincel Cursive
    Florentine Cursive Volume
    Pre Cursive Family
    Lydian Cursive Regular
    Transitional 521 Cursive
    P22 Counter Cursive Regular
    P22 Counter Cursive Set
    Electra® (A) Cursive
    Bernhard Cursive Extrabold
    Trocadero Pro Cursive
    Bogdan Rejestrowy Cursive
    Bogdan Siczowy Cursive
    Diorite Bold Cursive
    Electra LTStd-Cursive
    Schadow Light Cursive
    Uniglow Twenty Five Cursive
    Uniglow-Fifty Cursive
    Uniglow-Ten Cursive
    Okay Cursive Italic
    Schadow Light Cursive
    Milk Cursive
    Perugia Cursive Regular
    Stitch Cursive
    Electra® (A) Bold Cursive
    Electra® (A) Cursive OsF
    Electra® (A) Display Cursive
    Musee Cursive
    Uniglow Fifty Cursive
    Uniglow Ten Cursive
    Uniglow Twenty Five Cursive
    Transitional 521 Cursive
    EB Base Mono Cursive
    LTC Cloister Cursive
    P22 Counter Cursive
    Transitional 521 Cursive
    Trocadero Pro-Cursive
    Monotype Lydian™ Cursive
    Electra LTStd-Bold Cursive
    Electra LTStd-Cursive Display
    Electra® (A) Bold Cursive OsF
    Electra® (A) Display Bold Cursive
    LTC Cloister Cursive
    Florentine Cursive Regular
    Rolling Ball Cursive
    Florentine Cursive with O.S. Figures
    LTC Cloister Bold Cursive
    LTC Cloister Light Cursive
    P22 Counter Cursive Pro
    Electra LTStd-Bold Cursive Dis
    LTC Cloister Bold Cursive
    LTC Cloister Light Cursive
    LTC Goudy Handtooled Cursive
    LTC Goudy Oldstyle Cursive
    Bogdan Multilingual Rejestrowy Cursive
    Bogdan Multilingual Siczowy Cursive
    Electra® Cursive
    Hand Cursive™ Bold
    Hand Cursive™ Thin
    LTC Goudy Handtooled Cursive
    LTC Goudy Oldstyle Cursive
    Cross Stitch Cursive
    Electra® Bold Cursive
    Electra® Cursive OsF
    LTC Goudy Oldstyle Bold Cursive
    Electra® Display Cursive
    LTC Goudy Oldstyle Cursive Bold
    Pompeian Cursive

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