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    8 matches comment PLEASE HELP ME !! :( URGENT !![/b:7f2d8447f2] anyone know how to get this LINOTYPE ZAPFINO font for FREE ?? please help me where to get it ! i cant find it anywhere.. :cry: :cry: this is the sample... http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/zapfino/ thank you so much!!
    1 matches comment Greetings. I am looking for any number of dingbat fonts that include a picture of a lotus flower. I'm working on a simple logo for a website for a pal of mine and I am struggling to find said fonts. Any and all help is appreciated.
    4 matches comment Neither, the what is the Promotor.
    4 matches comment Designer is unknown. In itself no wonder if one makles a straight forward copy of a font (the Coronet), throws some hearts around the caps and then claims it to be a new design ...
    3 matches comment Wich one? Linotype or Swfte?
    1 matches comment This is a custom lettering logo, the closets is Linotype Automatic
    2 matches comment I think we all agree that those "strange" angles at the bottom type looks "Spiekerman'ish". So I'd through in Officina with a clipped I. For the top one I think, as Mr. McGee those DINrelated are the point.
    1 matches comment Things that look like it are the Saccule, the Omneco, the Mandrita Display and the Abbess Regular. Only Brendel/Softmaker's AbottOldStyle shows up with a version (almost) this bold. As Brendel/Softmaker copied all Linotype fonts those days there may be a Linotype one around. No clue where though.
    1 matches comment Hey there- Linotype call this Revue. And here it is! http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/revue/revue/testdrive.html?s=RI&p=96 Hope that does you well... Floatylightily, -Třrnquist
    1 matches comment My font detection software sugested Linotype Rotation

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    RA Lotus
    RA Lotus 2
    Lotus Complete Family Pack
    Lotus Regular
    ITC Kloegirl™ Lotus
    Lotus® Arabic Bold
    Lotus® Arabic Light
    Linotype Submerge™ Two Oblique
    Linotype Belle™
    Linotype Go Tekk™ Black
    Linotype Go Tekk™ Medium
    Linotype Go Tekk™ Thin
    Linotype Astrology Pi One
    Linotype Astrology Pi Two
    Linotype Holiday Pi 1
    Linotype Holiday Pi 2
    Linotype Holiday Pi 3
    Linotype Leggodt™ One
    Linotype Leggodt™ Two
    Linotype Leggodt™ Three
    Linotype Xmas Pi #1
    Linotype Xmas Pi #2
    Linotype Bix™
    Linotype Orbit™ Light
    Linotype Invasion™ Animals
    Linotype Flamingo™ Regular
    Linotype Transis™ Regular
    Linotype Zensur™ Regular
    Linotype Dala™ Pict
    Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat One
    Linotype Ergo™ Hebrew Complete Volume
    Linotype Zootype™ Regular
    Linotype Constitution™ Regular
    Linotype Dharma™ Regular
    Linotype Element™ Regular
    Linotype Laika™ Regular
    Linotype Zootype™ Alternate
    Linotype Albatross™ Regular
    Linotype BioPlasm™ Regular
    Linotype Cineplex™ Regular SC
    Linotype Dala™ Borders
    Linotype Gotharda™ Regular
    Linotype Ergo™ Condensed 2 Volume
    Linotype Albawing™ Regular
    Linotype Automat™ Regular
    Linotype CreativeArrows™ Four
    Linotype CreativeArrows™ Three
    Linotype CreativeArrows™ Two
    Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat Mix
    Linotype Ergo™ Black Condensed
    Linotype Ergo™ Bold Condensed
    Linotype Ergo™ Condensed Italic
    Linotype Ergo™ Demi Condensed
    Linotype Ergo™ Medium Condensed
    Linotype Go Tekk Complete Family Pack
    Linotype Red Babe™ Regular
    Linotype Textile Pi Complete Family Pack
    Linotype Ergo™ Hebrew Bold
    Linotype Ergo™ Hebrew Demi
    Linotype Ergo™ Hebrew Italic
    Linotype Ergo™ Hebrew Medium
    Linotype Ergo™ Hebrew Regular
    Linotype European Pi Complete Family Pack
    Linotype Rough™ Light
    Linotype Rough™ Regular
    Linotype Rough™ Bold
    Linotype Rough™ Italic
    Linotype Rough™ Medium
    Linotype Spacera™ Regular
    Linotype Textra™ Bold
    Linotype Textra™ Book
    Linotype Textra™ Heavy
    Linotype Textra™ Medium
    Linotype Cineplex™ Bold
    Linotype Cineplex™ Italic
    Linotype Cineplex™ Light
    Linotype Cineplex™ Regular
    Linotype Lichtwerk Complete Family Pack
    Linotype Univers® 820 Condensed Black
    Linotype Rough™ Outline
    Linotype Leggodt Complete Family Pack
    Linotype Mediterraneo™ One
    Linotype Mediterraneo™ Two
    Linotype Xmas Pi Complete Family Pack
    Linotype CreativeArrows™ One
    Linotype Syntax® Letter Black
    Linotype Syntax® Letter Heavy
    Linotype Syntax® Letter Light
    Linotype Syntax® Letter Medium
    Linotype Syntax® Letter Regular
    Linotype Rough™ Medium Italic
    Linotype Heureka Glyphs™ Regular
    Linotype Labyrinth™ Regular
    Linotype Textra™ Bold SC
    Linotype Textra™ Book SC
    Linotype Textra™ Heavy SC
    Linotype Textra™ Light SC
    Linotype Textra™ Medium SC
    Linotype Pegathlon™ Medium
    Linotype Pegathlon™ Regular

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