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    28 matches comment Does anyone know the font used for the Flavor of Love logo? Thanks! here's an image: http://www.vh1.com/sitewide/podcast/flavorlove_podcast.jpg the text that says "flavor of love"
    16 matches comment Which font is the «little, brown» one? Do you think the ligatures are an OTF feature or hand drawn?
    8 matches comment Hello, I am in desperate need of the font used for Love heart Candy! Please see attached image. Any assistance in locating it would be greatly appreciated! Thanking you in advance. JT.
    1 matches comment ! Do you know what font this website http://www.lilyandpete.com.au uses? It's in their about us page. Dream Love Play Laugh. I just love it! Thanks Julia
    5 matches comment $59 may seem a lot of money, sure. But if you consider how small the market is for these type of fonts and how much work is involved in making a font with so many alternates the price is understandable. And I found no real alternative. If you can live with less - for less money - have a look at the script fonts of Three Islands Press. Freebees of this quality? No luck. But I may very well be wrong.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12380 I love this font. It's going to be the font for my tatoo that's going around my ankle!!! YAY!!! "Heads You Live, Tails You Die"
    5 matches comment Oh God, sure! Great display of humour, Kat :D The orange gif was totally an act of a genius! I'm not a football fan, anyway, I'm much more into rugby – if I have to pick one sport as favourite. When I was a kid, my father used to take me to the stadium and see AC Milan. He was a huge fan. Well, he used to take my brother too, but he was already an AS Roma fan. It was the Eighties. AC Milan was the strongest team in Europe – thanks also to those wonderful three Dutch players: Gullit, Rijkaard (spelling?) and Van Basten, the Utrecht's swan. Well, I really don't follow football. I barely from time to time check the results of AS Bari, the team from my hometown. I don't know how things go in Europe. In Italy, football players are the most sought-after gurus. They are the contemporary trendsetters. It means that this country – for which I agree completely with Metternich: Italy is just a geographical expression – is going down the drain, culturally speaking. Following its socioeconomical decadence even in the way people dress, speak, tattoo themselves. Yes, I'm saying that I spend the Monday morning hating the vast majority of football players. Surely those from big clubs. Good Lord, they're always on tv and they can't even speak properly in their supposed national language. I truly miss the pre-1789 days. People were just people, keeping their mouths shut. I know I sound weird but I just can't help myself: they offend my ears. Anyway, these are political and historical thoughts that might not interest you, Kat, and anybody else. I haven't seen the match. I couldn't care less for those morons, even – or maybe because of – if they wear a Royal blue shirt. Again: you made me laugh. Thank you very much. Your humour was totally perfect and elegant. Sorry for my long post, the memories and all that.
    2 matches comment Once you say love, you should remember you have made a big decision. Love is simple, but it can never be as simple as merely a word. A word love is not only about how brave you are when you express to a person, but about a swear in the depth of your heart. I hate those who flirt with a person in the name of love regardless the harm they did to others. I think they’re making a crime, and I believe sooner or later they’ll get what they deserve. Yeah, I’m saying in a critic’s tone, despite I would receive many ones’ fierce counterattack, I don’t care, for I’m conscious, I would seriously treat my love. And sometimes I am a little like a mental disorder, no one ever said me like this, I sum up myself. Maybe I can be a philosopher, but my education background is not satisfactory. Well, I didn’t say love to any girls, I have no courage, I’m a little shy, and I am afraid of getting hurts. But once I have an impulse to buy a gift to a girl, it’s said that she likes Burberry Bags , I asked the price, it’s too expensive to a student at that time. And I now understand love a person is not meaning that you should always buy expensive gift to her.
    2 matches comment Hello - thanks for taking the time to read my posting... I need to make a logo for the word 'Shocked' and am looking for a free font that resembles something getting electrocuted or live or wire or electricity running through it etc.... Does anyone have any suggestions at all...? Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Heh heh heh, yes, newb all the way in a font forum. I try to be a perfectionist when it comes to pushing pixels; if you know of the EA/Maxis game "The Sims", I run a fansite where I make user created plugins to specific architectural themes, and I try to use creative fontwork there whenever I can. I had a blast recently trying to recreate the look of some Victorian adverts. I just love fonts, what can I say? (apart from saddo that is) ;) Whether you know the game or not, if you want a laugh, my site is http://www.strategyplanet.com/thesims/sas I need The Third Man fonts for a screen opening shot for a short film my husband is making, so it needs to look good. Thanks for the EMail addy, speak to you soon :)

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