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    1 matches comment Hello, I am searching for this Lightning Bolt font, anyone know the name and/or where I can find it? Thanking you in advance. JT.
    1 matches comment I'm trying to write a user manual for a camera. I need the icons usually found on the camera control dials and menus, i.e.: flower, runner, face, mountain/pine tree, lightning bolt, etc., but I haven't been able to find a font for these. Any ideas? Thanks --Richie
    1 matches comment Can anyone tell me what font it is where it says Andrew & Katie? Some letters look like Bolt, some look like Continuum, but I'm sure it's something else.
    2 matches comment Hello nice people. I have two to identify. I've seen the lightning font before, but I don't remember what it's called. Totally unsure of the other one. Thanks in advance Luke
    1 matches comment Anyone know a free font that looks like lightning bolts or electricity?
    1 matches comment Hey guys, if you can help me I would really appreciate it! I'm looking for a font I used about a year ago, but I totally forgot the name. It was a font that had these cool lightning beams in them I think it was used for the "i" and the "!" but I'm not completely sure. The font was kind of sketchy looking, and bold, kind of cartoony/sketchy. It looked really cool... I'm still looking for it as I type this, I hope someone knows what the hell I'm talking about! Thanks a bunch!
    1 matches comment Lauren, now cool down. Your font is obviously not a ripoff from Melina. There are too many details that say it is the same ballpark, but a different font. It could be that Maurice Sendak himself was inspired by this typeface (or his bookcover designer). And you expanded it to a digital font. No accusation, that happens. Even the most professional type-designers. See the case »Neill Bold« and »Mobley« by Alejandro Paul. But I have to say you should immediately update your font-files with your peronal data, as seen in the recent pee pant script-threads. You know, if the fonts can be downloaded for free, the files are spread over the net in lightning speed. And then you don’t have one additional forum to talk to, but thousands and millions. Keep up the work, Lauren.

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