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    1 matches comment uploaded image Richard William Mueller named it Ragged and Jagged. Why the two different names?? Maybe Richard knows. As both look a bit thinner than your example and probaply joined a termite party they may be based on something else. Yet have not found that. EDIT: Not yet here on Abstractfonts. I' upload the ragged.
    1 matches comment LHF Sofia Script.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11892 Art Deco type font that had to be destroyed.
    1 matches comment Hey It's Called "Brad" And If Your Search Here (AbstractFonts.COM) It Will Be The First To Appear.
    2 matches comment LHF Firehouse.
    2 matches comment Hi, Could someone please help me find an old font called Times Mirror Font? It was a Times Roman font that had to be read in the mirror. Thanks, Brad
    1 matches comment Hello Please search for: LHF Esoteric 3 by Chuck Davis Alex I found it using: http://www.whatfontis.com - Identify the font you are looking for!
    1 matches comment I'm looking for the font that is used for a T-Shirt. Brad Pitt wears it in 'Fight Club'. Maybe someone knows this or a similar font? Please help, this is very important for me! Thnx, elv
    1 matches comment hey friends thank you for helping me. i've had LHF's indian for a bit, but i suppose i can get ballpark. i've been needing an excuse to anyway:) daniel.
    1 matches comment LHF Antique Shop by Chuck Davies.

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    Ragged Write NF
    LHF Scriptana
    LHF Amarillo
    LHF Ambrosia
    LHF Aristocrat
    LHF Birgitta
    LHF Brianna
    LHF Equinox
    LHF Hensler
    LHF Quantum
    Courier Ragged Bold
    Courier Ragged Lite
    Ragged Write NF Italic
    LHF Scriptana Slant
    LHF Amarillo Bold
    LHF Brianna Slant
    LHF Conclave Flat
    LHF Conclave Round
    LHF Conclave Sharp
    LHF Convecta Base
    LHF Convecta Convex
    LHF Convecta Full
    LHF Esoteric 3 Fancy
    LHF Esoteric 3 Regular
    LHF Esoteric 3 Spurs
    LHF Quantum Convex
    Courier Ragged Bold Oblique
    Courier Ragged Lite Oblique
    LHF Bank Note
    LHF Bell Boy
    LHF Cafe Corina
    LHF Cool Blue
    LHF Fat Cat
    LHF Full Bock
    LHF Grants Antique
    LHF Matthews Thin
    LHF Sofia Script
    LHF Stanford Script
    LHF Bank Note Shadow
    LHF Cool Blue Convex
    LHF Fancy Full Round
    LHF Fancy Full Round Bold
    LHF Fancy Full Spurs Bold
    LHF Fancy Full Spurs Regular
    Anarckhie Ragged
    LHF Antique Half Bock
    LHF Happy Fun Ball Inline
    LHF Happy Fun Ball Regular
    Roast Beef BTN Ragged
    Dingfatz Regular
    Found Regular
    Monster Mash Regular
    Guenter Cyrillic Bold
    Guenter Cyrillic Italic
    Guenter Cyrillic Regular
    Guenter Cyrillic Volume
    Nazhdak Cyrillic Volume
    Nazhdak Multilingual Volume
    Crash Cyrillic Regular
    Wind Cyrillic Regular
    Guenter Cyrillic Bold Italic
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    Phil Yeh Complete Family Pack
    Dead Mans Complete Family Pack
    Junk Regular
    Courier Ragged™ Bold
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    Foom Complete Family Pack
    Courier Ragged™ Bold Oblique
    Courier Ragged™ Lite Oblique
    Courier Ragged™ Complete Family Pack

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