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    2 matches comment i am trying to find some left slanted or reverse italics. the only find was the aquaduct set. any help for more? please advise!
    2 matches comment hang on - Jacob I've had the same problem. I have lots of Avant guarde variations, but none contain the slanted A seen here, or a slanted V as suggested by Koeiekat . I have also seen version with a similar sliding M. Does anyone know of a link to an Avant Guarde version that carries this type of A???
    3 matches comment Looking for a free font similar to Just Left Hand Italic.
    1 matches comment i am looking a font name that able to use in MS word type left side of paper, the type of font that you type left side on the paper and able to read from left without turning the page ... it's not the font that read from the top down, but left to right readable, i am not sure what to call or how to explain it better for not to confuse!! thanks
    1 matches comment @Bent: Depending on how you hold the composing stick, you mean right to left, mirrored or left to right flipped?
    1 matches comment I am looking for a font, but I only saw one letter of this font. it was an "R" and at the top left part of the "R" was an intake, and then on the bottom left leg of the "R" is a muffler, I cannot find it anywhere, please help me! THX
    3 matches comment I have about 2,000 fonts and I really like this one that I saw online, but I can't find it in my collection and I don't know the name of it. It looks like about 15 fonts that I have, but the K's foot is somewhat distinctive, the E's points have a crisp slant to them as well as its center bar, while the T's points are almost windblown and the "S" has almost a fish hook point on the bottom and a narrower top. Anybody recognize it? Thanks, jman995x
    1 matches comment Hi, The sample is to fuzzy for more than a guess. It's might be a manualy slanted Cairo Regular: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/13463 or another typeface like Clarendon: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/clarendon/ or a manualy slanted Egyptienne : http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/egyptienne-2/ Bye bye
    3 matches comment This font was used in my church on the hand-outs and I see it as great for certain types of art, but can't seem to track it down. Has anyone seen it anywhere?

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    2 The Left Typefaces .

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    Channel Left Slanted
    Left Hand BA
    Left Hook
    My Left Hand
    Left Brain-Heavy
    Left Brain-Light
    Left Brain-Normal
    NoPain Left
    Benz Slanted
    Channel Slanted 1
    Channel Slanted 2
    Gorchs Slanted
    Orator Slanted
    Quirk Slanted
    Urboxrg Rsq Slanted
    Sheepman Light Slanted
    Sheepman Regular Slanted
    TPG FaceFont Left
    Andrea Hand Slanted
    Andrea Script Slanted
    Dynamic Slanted BRKPro
    Phorfeit Slanted BRKPro
    FingerSpeller Left Hand BF
    Sheepman Bold Slanted
    Left Hook Regular
    Bluster Left
    Caluminy Left
    LeakorLeach Left
    NoPain Left Bold
    Urboxrg Rsq Light Slanted
    Corkboard Slanted JNL
    Urbix Dot Slanted
    Urbix Lcd Slanted
    Urbix Nu Dot-Slanted
    Urbix Nu Lcd-Slanted
    Urbix Nu Rsq-Slanted
    Urbix Rsq Slanted
    Urbox Dot 12 Slanted
    Urbox Lcd 12 Slanted
    Urbox Nu Dot-Slanted
    Urbox Nu Lcd-Slanted
    Urbox Nu Rsq-Slanted
    Used Cars Slanted JNL
    Orator Slanted
    Monolein Slanted
    Leakor Leach Left
    Prestige Elite™ Slanted
    Friendly Slanted
    Haakke Slanted
    Neu Altisch Shadow Left
    Letter Gothic™ Slanted
    Wyoming Pastad Shadowed Left
    Bluster Left
    Abetka Left MF Bold
    Abetka Left MF Normal
    Arrows Left MF-Normal
    CA Normal Left Bold
    CA Normal Left Heavy
    CA Normal Left Light
    CA Normal Left Medium
    CA Normal Left Regular
    Caluminy Bold Left
    Caluminy Left Compact
    Caluminy Left Expand
    Dotage Shadow Left
    Janus-Positive Left
    Rundigsburg Shadow Left
    Tzaristane B Light Left
    Tzaristane B Normal Left
    Tzaristane Bold Left
    Tzaristane Light Left
    Tzaristane Normal Left
    Chic Hand Slanted
    Letter Gothic Slanted
    Prestige Elite Slanted
    Tipbrush Script 2 Slanted
    Tipbrush Script Slanted
    Wyoming Pastad Shadowed Left
    Corkboard Shadow Slanted JNL
    Urbix Dot Light Slanted
    Urbix Lcd Light Slanted
    Urbix Nu Dot-Light Slanted
    Urbix Nu Lcd-Light Slanted
    Urbix Nu Rsq-Light Slanted
    Urbix Rsq Light Slanted
    Urbox Dot 12 Light Slanted
    Urbox Lcd 12 Light Slanted
    Urbox Nu Dot-Light Slanted
    Urbox Nu Lcd-Light Slanted
    Urbox Nu Rsq-Light Slanted
    Dotage Shadow Left
    Prestige Elite™ Bold Slanted
    Dotage CE Shadow Left
    Rundigsburg Shadow Left
    Arrows left
    Janus Left

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