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    3 matches comment How can i download fonts onto open office? Yes, the program sucks but it would suck less if i had really cool fonts! :) P.s. i have the stupid windows vista version
    1 matches comment ? Hello, I am trying to figure out what font (including style information eg size, style, etc.) Microsoft is using in the ribbon and footer of Office 15. A screenshot can be seen at http://www.winsupersite.com/article/office/microsoft-office-15-preview-142569. If you scroll down, there is a shot of Microsoft Word with a blank document and a collapsed ribbon and blue footer. In this screen, font (size and style) is being used in the header and footer? Thank you!
    1 matches comment OK Jessica. First, I have deleted your AGAIN double post. You must absolutely not do that. Second, 200 is indeed a bit on the high side for just a kids invitation. So, as appreciation for your response, there are 2 alternatives: the DTC Flare Gothic Bold and the FlaviusHeavy Bold that once came with the free Star Office package from Star Division GmbH. (bought by Sun and now available as Open Office - THE free alternative for MS Office).
    1 matches comment If anyone is interested its 'The Sans Office' if not the Office version certainaly TheSans family, by LucasFonts.
    1 matches comment I would like to use Merriam-Webster pronunciation symbols in Open office writer. I assume that I have to find a font that has these special symbols and install it on the computer and then open office or for that matter ms office would find that and add the pronunciation symbols to the special character insert feature. The problem is how do I find those symbols? I have searched around but have not found anything yet.
    1 matches comment Our cat likes to go on the roof above the entrance to my building.. It's about a five foot jump straight up from our porch. When it snows, however, he goes on the window ledge, then uses a bench as a springboard to leap a 7 1/2 foot distance, rising four feet, just so he doesn't get snow on his paws or bum.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hi, http://www.identifont.com/find?font=Gloucester+Extra+Condensed&q=Go The problem was that identifont didn't know it as a similar font to Cheltenham and I don't use M$-Office (Gloucester is distributed with M$-Office). :-( bye bye
    3 matches comment I need a free(or cheap) alternative to the following font: "TimesNewRomanPS-BoldMT" Not just Times New Roman. Any suggestions? This is for Open Office.
    1 matches comment ok so the company I work for had some cards made by another company which used fonts that seem to be custom fonts because they have no known font type? they were all built for mac (not dafont font type) however and we use pc's at my work so ive been trying to convert these fonts to pc fonts...any ideas? If nothing else I have access to a mac outside of the office but I would prefer to do the work inside of the office so a font conversion from mac to pc would be nice.
    1 matches comment Viner Hand ITC It comes with MS Office 2000. :) ute

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    Bumbayo Font Fabrik external . Font Diner external . Font Duster . Font Fabric external . Font Zone Fonts . Foxy Font Factory . Jester Font Studio . Mike Font . OMEGA Font Labs . The Font Emporium . The Font Farm . Your Own Font Foundry external .

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    FF Dingbats 2.0 Office

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