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    1 matches comment That’s the commercial typeface Laser.
    1 matches comment Is there a similar font to Laser? or Laser ICU or Laster LET? either or? thanks in advanced
    4 matches comment view details for free font #11206 I downloaded this and need to know how to make it work in my computer! Can you help? (The graffiti font)
    1 matches comment I would like to try and identify this font, and hopefully obtain it for free (or cheap). It is a font that is somewhat curly, so I thought it was the curlz font. It is very VERY similar but not close enough to whats on my tag. (I use the rub on letters for scrapbooking tag and I ran out of them. the package didn't say what font it was and the store isn't selling any more of them. ugh!) Thanks in advance :)
    1 matches comment baaah i found it!!! ITC Laser!!!! YAYYYYYYYY
    2 matches comment The real thing, Nicole, is the Laser. If it must be a freebee the Blazing Italic gives a sort of the same impression. But I guess you already rejected that one.
    1 matches comment Could someone please help tag a name to this face?
    2 matches comment Hello, I'm looking for suggestions regarding a font. I'm looking for something with horizontal lines through the letters, thin, almost techy. The lines can either be random or consistent. I suppost context would help, I'm looking to label an arcade button "heat vision" for the old Superman game. Definitely not looking for flame related fonts, but something modern and clean would be fantastic. I like the idea of the lines indicating motion or lasers.
    1 matches comment Your customers might be shocked by the price tag or you might end up a happy lady. I guess the first.
    1 matches comment looking for quincy font had it until my network crashed Description: has feet with letter on the toe tag Thanks in advance VD

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