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    10 matches comment can anyone suggest a freeware or shareware truetype font similar to frutiger condensed?
    10 matches comment Hi I'm looking bernard mt condensed for free or a similar font. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
    11 matches comment view details for free font #2089 This font requires some repairs! I tried putting it in the Fonts folder, but that didn't work!
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hello, I'm looking for a Futura Medium Condensed clone so i can recreate the logo in the image. I would appreciate any help =)
    6 matches comment dear friends kindly gv me WinSoftPro Medium arabic font
    1 matches comment hi if any has Modena fonts: condensed light, condensed medium, and condensed regular then please share. Thanks TopgunAB
    5 matches comment Is there anything close to Formata Condensed, available in TrueType? It doesn't need to be perfect, just looking to get close, the numbers in this font are a bit unique as well. Thank you in advance!
    4 matches comment view details for free font #12095 For softlad, cause a condensed version was needed.
    1 matches comment As long as you don't care about questionable printing properties: Benelux (Star Devision GmbH,1995, came with Star Office) Faces: Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Caps, Caps Bold, Heavy, Heavy Italic, Heavy Bold, Heavy Bold Italic. BenjaminSans (SoftMaker Software GmbH 1995) Faces: Regular, RegularItalic, Bold, BoldItalic, Heavy, HeavyItalic, Medium, MediumItalic, SmallCaps, SmallCapsBold. Beagle (Bay Animation Inc, 1994) Faces: Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Extended, Extended Italic, Extended Bold, Extended Bold Italic, Condensed, Condensed Italic, Condensed Bold, Condensed Bold Italic. Benoit (ClassicFontCorporation, 1993) Faces: Book, BookItalic, Bold, BoldItalic, CapsBook, CapsMedium(Bold), Heavy, HeavyItalic, Medium,MediumItalic.
    2 matches comment I am trying to find Helvetica Medium in true type font. I thought it would be simple but NO. I have about 20000 fonts and no helvetica medium. I have HelveticaNeueLT-Medium. Is that it? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Klavika Medium
    Klavika Medium Italic
    Klavika Basic-Medium
    Klavika Basic-Medium Italic
    Klavika Bold
    Klavika Light
    Klavika Regular
    Klavika Bold Italic
    Klavika Light Italic
    Klavika Regular Italic
    Klavika Basic-Bold
    Klavika Basic-Light
    Klavika Basic-Regular
    Klavika Basic-Bold Italic
    Klavika Basic-Light Italic
    Klavika Basic-Regular Italic
    Qotho Medium Condensed
    Ranger Condensed Medium
    Ulissa Condensed Medium
    Breuer Condensed Medium
    Bryant Medium Condensed
    Depot New Condensed Medium
    Gesta Condensed Medium
    Heroic Condensed Medium
    Jingle Condensed-Medium
    Magneta Condensed Medium
    Meteor Condensed MF-Medium
    Prelo Condensed Medium
    Brown Gothic Medium Condensed
    Generation Gothic Condensed Medium
    Qotho Medium Condensed
    Concept Sans Condensed Medium
    Generation Gothic Condensed Medium Italic
    NeoGram Condensed Medium
    Diamanti Condensed EF Medium
    Stymie™ Medium Condensed
    Supria Sans Condensed Medium
    Concept Sans Condensed Medium Italic
    Breuer Condensed Medium Italic
    Depot New Condensed Medium Italic
    Gesta Condensed Medium Italic
    Heroic Condensed Medium Oblique
    Magneta Condensed Medium Italic
    Corporate™ A Plus Condensed Medium
    Genial Condensed Medium
    Generica™ Condensed Medium
    Supria Sans Condensed Medium Italic
    Supria Sans Condensed Medium Oblique
    Start Up Condensed Medium
    Neue Helvetica® 67 Medium Condensed
    Plantin® Headline Medium Condensed
    Twentieth Century™ Medium Condensed
    Sassoon® Primary Medium Condensed
    Corporate™ A Condensed Medium
    Slate™ Medium Condensed
    Diamanti Condensed EF Medium Italic
    Briem Akademi Medium Condensed
    Avus Condensed Medium
    Egyptienne Medium Condensed (D)
    Lytiga Condensed Medium
    Radiant Extra Condensed Medium
    Triple Condensed Gothic RR Medium
    Velino Condensed Display Medium
    Velino Condensed Text Medium
    Velino Sans Condensed Medium
    Corporate™ A Plus Condensed Medium Italic
    Corporate™ A Condensed Medium Italic
    Kepler™ Medium Condensed Subhead
    Azbuka™ Medium Condensed
    Erbar® AT Medium Condensed
    Paralucent Condensed Medium
    Beaufort Condensed Medium
    Bellini Condensed RR Medium
    Benicia Medium Condensed
    Billboard Condensed Medium
    Bodoni BE Medium Condensed
    Bourgeois Medium Condensed
    Brown Medium Condensed
    Concorde BE Medium Condensed
    Consort RR Medium Condensed
    Dundee RR Condensed Medium
    Exprima Condensed Medium
    Folio SB-Medium Condensed
    Futura BQ Medium Condensed
    Futura Condensed Medium
    Futura Medium Condensed
    Futura Medium Condensed
    Gala Condensed Medium
    Gothic RR Medium Condensed
    Ido Condensed MF Medium
    Informa Medium Condensed
    Informa SC Medium Condensed
    Korolev Condensed Medium
    Lo-Type Medium Condensed
    Newhouse DT Condensed Medium
    Phi Medium Condensed
    Ranger Condensed Medium
    Savigny Medium Condensed
    Silverado RR Medium Condensed
    Sofia Condensed Medium

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