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    4 matches comment ! Thanks so much for the expert opinion!
    3 matches comment Can someone help me identify this one?? Thanks so much!
    1 matches comment Get it at Playtype. Well, confusing navigation, but it is there.
    1 matches comment [img:01c8e18267]http://devilshockey.crosswinds.net/2002_02/020211-205.jpg[/img:01c8e18267] The numbers may or may not be the same font as the letters.... ideally I need to know both if they are different. I can find more pictures if necessary. Please help me out.
    1 matches comment uploaded image This font is called House Paint and is avaliable for sale on this website: http://www.houseind.com/index.php?page=showfont&id=205&subpage=lettersetter . I don't want to spend $75 for one font so I wanted to see if anyonr knew a substitute. Thanks!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2089 Alex, done. But you will have to refresh the font data and images as I can't. As usual it was lack of info in the naming section. By the way, DekoBrett is a copy of David Rakowski's LowerEastSide, which he also published as North-EastSide. Other names are Boa (CompuWorks), Campfire (Atech Software) ClampettsDisplay (WSI), Homeboy Display (Southern Software), PCUpperDowntown (Atech Software), PT Masking Tape (Kinghorn Company), PT Ruffio (Ward Technologies), Treehouse (SWFTE) and Woodplank (renamed LowerEastSide). As usual, no guarantee that the list is complete.
    1 matches comment I was a bit too fast here. In fact, the font you are after is the BD Engraved Regular by Streetwise Software, which is a condensed copy of the Caslon OpenFace. There is also a BD Engraved Narrow, even more condensed. BD stands for bro destruct (Bern, Switzerland). The Caslon OpenFace lives under many names. This is what I found when I was looking for a proper match: Gravure by SWFTE Cresent by Micrologic Software Chopin, ChopinOpenFace and Chopin Regular, conversions of CHOPINOP.TF1 Charles Open, a conversion of CASOPEN.TF1 Casque OpenFace by Softkey CasqueOpenFace which is the Sierra On-Line version of the CasqueOpenFace Regular of the WSI-Font Collection CasperOpenFace by Corel Casper Open by WSI NelsieOpenFace, a conversion of nelsie.TF1 PT Epiphany by Ward Technologies QTCaslanOpen Regular by QualiType Pinchi, a conversion of PinchiOP.TF1 PinchiOpenFace, a conversion by A.Mendoza of the pinchi.TF1 Casket OpenFace by unknown PT Cornerstone by Kinghorn Company And I may have missed a lot.
    1 matches comment [quote:f6f91f2302="Anonymous"]This font name is Dolphins.[/quote:f6f91f2302] Always interesting. I would have said Banana Split. Why? Banana Split has copyright info and a font creation signature (Altsys Fontographer) and Dolphins has not. Dolphins is a conversion by Dennis Ludlow without any copyright info. The signature is ATEC, meaning nothing else but that the font was converted with AllType (yet Dolphins claims to be licensed). The copyright of the PT Banana Split is with the Kinghorn Company Inc. 1993, but does not seem to be licensed. Vendor info is Altsys. Which also does not tell us very much because fonts made with Altsys Fontographer (now Macromedia Fontographer) may be attributed to either Altsys or Macromedia when users do not customize the 'Vendor ID' when they create fonts using this program. The character sets indicate that Dolphins is probably a conversion of PT's Banana Split, with only some slight alterations, most notably the * in Dolphins. The metrics seem to confirm this, the differences likely being caused by AllType (can sometimes be a bit messy). I would say Dolphins is the clone but may be wrong. If so let me know.

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