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    6 matches comment ? I searched my butt off but I never found it... What I'm looking for is the Beyonce font from her B'day album. I think it's a custom font specially produced for her album. (So maybe not downloadable) [img]http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/5537/afbeelding1kx2.png[/img] Please HELP!
    1 matches comment what a surprise, thanks. no wonder i didn't like it!
    1 matches comment Lauren, have to leave now for a few hours. Let me surprise you when I'm back ...
    1 matches comment Nope. No Roadgeek to my surprise. That means digging. No, not the litter box.
    1 matches comment Can't find it Sergio. Which should not come as a surprise, the quink must have had something made specialy for her. I have the feeling that the Caslon (bold) modeled for this, but ... but ...
    1 matches comment You know, you are always welcome, KKat. And , by the way, it is no sport in cloning a typeface which was always a freeware, so no surprise you (and millions of others) have the original. Or am I getting something wrong?
    1 matches comment Cool, Alex. Every day a new surprise. Good work, man!
    1 matches comment I still have my Corel 9 disks and user manual. That font is not listed which doesn't surprise me as I'd never recalled seeing it. It came out in 2001 which may even have been too "new" for Corel 9.
    1 matches comment It may surprise you but this thing by Dirk Uhlenbrock is called bubble.
    1 matches comment You know what Swallow ... I don't think it is the Flange. Which is sort of a surprise because philippe is almost always right. [img]http://garaje.ya.com/koeiekat/images/thomas&friends.png[/img] Maybe philippe is human?

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