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    1 matches comment What is the font of the game title? I can't find it anywhere, its fairly simple, but I need it. http://www.einnova.com/dream/xbox-ninja-gaiden-jap%204%20mar.jpg EDIT: Also, if you can't find that one, what is the font in this image? http://www.ninjagaidengame.com/NinjaGaiden/images/wallpaper/ng_backinblack_800.jpg
    1 matches comment Hi guys! I would really like to know what fonts they are using for their name and what font for the number! Thank you.
    1 matches comment Hi all, I'm new here. Just wondering if anyone can tell me the name of the font used in the Kawasaki motorcycles logo please? Just the word, not the 'K' bit. Thanks.
    1 matches comment hey folks ... i want to know the name of the following font ... in this example it is the name of an kawasaki motocycle ... this one zx 10 r thanx for help! bestregards ... sto`teac
    1 matches comment the biggest diff i see is the Fr kerning. may have been custom but i like the original image version. Both of those would work tho and no one would notice. you guys are ninja's at fonts.

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