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    1 matches comment [quote]@Judy Heard:Anyone know the designer of this font? Need to find out it's history for an Adobe Illustrator Class. Thanks[/quote] Well Judy, better late than never ... but probably too late. But at least you now have the complete history.
    1 matches comment I am trying to find a font that is close to this. Notice the C, that's the letter I am having problems with. Thanks so much, Judy SW Florida - USA
    1 matches comment Well, humm, I don’t judge the pricerange of foundries. But at H+F you'll get fonts with the highest qualities. Aaaaand each knockout-weight has a name inspired by the boxing and wrestling jargon. Where else could you get things like that?
    2 matches comment The remarks you remember of the judge - came from me. I will never forget the TANY (Typographic Assoc. of New York) meeting I attended when that ruling came down. We were all in shock. What is copyrighted is the way the font is made - the software for it - and how it is placed on a disk. And KK - when you license a font - you MUST keep the original name -- you are NEVER given permission to rename it. That, btw, is one of the advantages of really licensing the font... Corel still bundles fonts - but they are now legitimate ones for Corel to bundle. (They had many illegal fonts to, um... sort out...)
    1 matches comment [quote:eef8ad9187="alex"]are you sure about the alt name there, kat? a quick look on google didn't give me what i was looking for...[/quote:eef8ad9187] Sure I'm sure. Once it was in the wild at the fontuniverse ao. But, indeed, it seems it's not around anymore. Anyway, the font is not licenced and the case against SWFTE was lost. SWFTE is dead and so are its successors. More here. Judge for yourself wether to add or not.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Here is the bad news: Unless it is an apple only, which I doubt because then you would probably have known it, I officially declare this to be NOT a font. So it can be one of two, depending where that pict came from, it is the work of a signboard maker or the work of a movie prop maker. Whatever the case, my gamble is that it is based on the TS Montreal Bold. Provided some perspective distortions, mainly visable in the 6, only the 4 does not match. But since - to my believe - the font has been tampered with anyway I accept that modification. I firmly believe this is a modification because of the - extremely bad - kerning in the word MODULES. Did you notice the Grand Canyon between the M and O? Also, the way the M has been 'stenciled' I find a bit amateurish, with the 'opening' under different angles. But then, can a Kat judge? The word MODULES can also be made with the Futura. Pick one that matches the 6 and it works out well. For the numbers though there is nothing closer than the Montreal which also works well for the text. Here is the good news: Making a Stencil out of the Montreal should not be that difficult. Edit: I have overlooked one other possibility, it might be a type for CAD/CAM applications - like for CNC machinery.

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