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    1 matches comment Bravo, Nicole. Your solutions look good to me.
    1 matches comment [quote]@Alexandru Cuibari:Hello Please check: http://www.whatfontis.com/Mea-Culpa-ROB-Regular.font Alex[/quote] Such a very amazing link! __________________ Watch Johnny English Reborn Online Free
    1 matches comment And, for those interested, the Snell also lives under these names: Bravo Script, Cursive Elegant, Cygnet Round, Heil Script, Rose Round, Roundhand, Script Roundhand, Shell, Signet and Snellbound. And the list is not complete.
    1 matches comment You'll find the font SEVENET here: http://www.fountain.nu/ Go for Free Fonts. The other font ("Johnny") is called oceanside and you'll find it here: http://people.freenet.de/commoc/oceanside.zip Ute

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