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    1 matches comment Jesus! I can certainly see why you'd think the site'd be down. You've really got to know what you're looking for there, that's the only thing. (And even it doesn't have the ever-elusive Albatross italic . . . sigh.) Thanks for the links, though.
    2 matches comment I finally found it - The FREAK Font - at these two sites, different prices: http://www.fonts.com/findfonts/detail.htm?pid=401394 http://www.fonthaus.com/products/fonts/view.cfm/sku/CO100007.cfm (cheaper price) And last, but certainly not least, right here at Abstract Fonts (once I knew the name): http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/freak Why it's classified in Oriental is beyond me. :::shrugs shoulders::: Anyway, I think the person that designed the logo for HOMEPAGES[/b:d399b131b9] added the Smiley Face to the letter "O" after the fact. Have a terrific day!
    1 matches comment thats pretty much graphic design. someone hires you then tells you to do it their way. The way you've been trained NOT to do and then they freak out when they get the bill.
    1 matches comment Depending on how much you are needing, Control Freak Upset at this site could be easily modified.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13453 Wow, really good. I like how even all the accents (for é and á etc.) are uniquely 'wild' and freaky ;-) I would slightly slant the : and ; though. This way they are a mismatch..
    2 matches comment Thanks for the help but the football ultras chose an bigger writing. The font Ultras Liberi is to fine do you know an other similar font but bigger?Another question I find an interessting writing can you tell me the name? http://www.coverbrowser.com/image/bestselling-comics-2007/3925-1.jpg You see I'm a big Freak Brothers fan.Did you hear of this comic?It's fantastic! Thanks
    1 matches comment Now that's what I call a PRO :) And fellas - if kkat or any of the font pro's here say "it is (font name)" - please, do not doubt that. When I said that the closest match is Nautilus I meant that it looks like the typeface in question, while kkat just nailed it. So show some respect. And when you receive an answer which contains a link to the site where you can purchase the font, don't ask "where I can get it" - yes, we understand that you are not willing to pay, but if it's a freebee you can certainly use another typeface that you already own. If it's crucial to the project, church or bank - they have to pay. Jesus Holy Christ - $40 - how many hamburgers???
    1 matches comment My computer died in a crash and I need this font again!! http://www.angelfire.com/freak/nek0/images/misc.GIF please help me.
    1 matches comment Hey all there, I'm looking desperately for the Minority Report logo font. It's been used in many film posters, so it isn't a mega-strange-and-hard-to-find font, but I haven't found it yet, and I freak myself about it. Can you help me, please??? To see the font I Mean, www.minorityreport.com. It's in the logo, in links, etc. As you can see, it's not a strange font, it's a normal looking one, but I can't find it. Thanx in advance!!!! :) F.X
    1 matches comment You guys are font freaks, and coming from a girl going by "nymphont," (which translates into 'font freak') Some of your comparison images leave me feeling like a nerd because I can hardly see any differences between them, and have a hard time trying to! And I can tell my arial from helvetica no doubt! This example shows an obvious difference, but there have been times I'm just like, "Yeah, what she said," because I don't know what difference or change you point out. But I don't doubt it. You guys are pretty darn good. I could see this as a televison show, in a HGTV format. Or maybe ZDtv. Font & Typeface Pros.

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    Jesus Heals
    Jesus Lives
    Jesus Loves You
    Jesus Saves
    Jesus Loves Your Brother
    Jesus Loves Your Sister
    Freak Bold
    Jesus Loves You All Volume
    Jesus Heals
    Jesus Lives
    Jesus Saves
    Freak Regular
    Linotype Freak Cabinet™ Regular
    Matura® Regular
    Contacta™ Regular
    F2F Lovegrid™ Caps
    Vinyl Inline
    Vinyl Oblique
    Vinyl Regular
    Vinyl Volume
    ITC Florinda™ Regular
    Vinyl Outline
    Boink™ Drop Shadow
    F2F MadZine™ Dirt
    F2F MadZine™ Fear
    F2F MadZine™ Script
    F2F MadZine™ Whip
    F2F Shakkarakk™ Regular
    F2F TechLand™ Regular
    F2F ZakkGlobe™ Regular
    Becket™ Regular
    ITC Angryhog™ Regular
    ITC Ellipse™ Bold
    ITC Ellipse™ Italic
    ITC Ellipse™ Roman
    Linotype Down Town™ Regular
    Linotype Elisa™ Bold
    Linotype Elisa™ Regular
    Linotype Method™ Boiled
    Linotype Seven™ Regular
    F2F OCRAlexczyk™ Shake
    F2F Simbolico™ Regular
    Grace™ Regular
    Frances™ Uncial
    ITC Cyberkugel™ Regular
    ITC Vinyl™ Sawtooth
    Linotype Cethubala™ Regular
    Linotype Dot™ Oblique
    Linotype Dot™ Regular
    Linotype Konflikt™ Regular
    Linotype Method™ Antique
    Linotype Method™ Bold
    Linotype Method™ Eroded
    Mo' Funky Fresh™
    F2F HogRoach™ Regular
    HaManga Irregular™ Italic
    F2F Shpeetz™ Regular
    Linotype Go Tekk™ Black
    Linotype Go Tekk™ Medium
    Linotype Go Tekk™ Thin
    ITC Vinyl™ Black
    Linotype Smileface™ Regular
    F2F Entebbe™ Regular
    HaManga Irregular™ Pictures
    HaManga Irregular™ Upright
    F2F Al Retto™  Regular
    F2F Czykago™ Trans
    F2F Pixmix™ Regular
    Linotype Method™ Light
    ITC Vinyl™ Outline
    F2F Metamorfosi™ Regular
    F2F Screen Scream™ Regular
    F2F Whale Tree™ Regular
    ITC Gramophone™ Regular
    Vinyl Double Outline
    ITC Eastwood™ Regular
    ITC Ellipse™ Bold Italic
    Linotype Fresh Ewka™ Dry
    Linotype Fresh Ewka™ Hot
    Linotype Inky Script™ Regular
    Linotype Monday Devils™ Regular
    Chwast Buffalo® Black Condensed
    F2F Mekkaso Tomanik™ Regular
    F2F Poison Flowers™ Regular
    Linotype MhaiThaipe™ Face
    F2F BoneR™ Book
    Linotype Method™ Bold Oblique
    Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat Three
    Linotype Russisch Brot™ Eat Two
    Bobotta™ Icons Regular
    F2F Allineato™ Regular

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