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    1 matches comment Hi, What are Lino Fonts---- Font Type or a Font Library? Does it have any extension like other fonts have........... Jai
    1 matches comment By the way, tried to preview your Juicy Hunt on my Dell Studio 1537 with 2.0 Core 2duo Pentium with 4 Gigs of RAM and it choked...100% process utilization. What is that monster you've created? :)
    1 matches comment Thanks for the info! As per the second drive idea... Best as I remember from the last time we tried to do that, hubby didn't have a cable with 2 sockets/plugs (whatever they're called) and couldn't find one to fit our machine... so he decided to do this pc only by backing up completely and then restoring. I really want a second drive anyway... but that'll have to wait until I'm making more than $90 in 6 months. :) More RAM is my next priority... My PSP really doesn't like the large images I work with.. (sigh) But enough with the off-topicness!! Again, thank-you I'll check those other fonts out... and hopefully redoing that text won't be as difficult as making it the first time, now that I've created the fill, and have had to figure out the technique previously.

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