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    2 matches comment Hello! Any have this two fonts: Chiseled initials Isometric Initials Caps : Birds Eye Are from gerald gallo. I downloaded a pack with 21.000 fonts but this 2 fonts are misiing :( thanks for advance
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12013 Dutch Initials is a set of highly decorated Fraktur like Drop Caps, with very elaborate scroll work.
    1 matches comment You need the Initials.
    3 matches comment Initials, I understand.
    1 matches comment I love being able to help...this is Foliar Initials
    1 matches comment Thank you for those links. Would you happen to know what font is used to make the bigger JD initials? Thanks :)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12118 Initial caps with grapes and vines.
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #12855 Just had the initials A & E tattoed on my chest and did not know about the Twilight connection. Thanks for the info people. *The sun always shines for the cool. Reeko
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12206 This is one of my attempts at scanning 2 sets of decorative initials and making them into a font. I don't think the alphabet is complete, but I scanned as many letters as I could find. The results aren't perfect but I thought they came out nicely.
    1 matches comment Gary, I'd put not too much effort in finding these initials. Sportsteams have their signs almost everytime handmade, for merchandising reasons. And it is always very difficult to use these signs without permission. They usually have strict licencing rules.

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    LTC Jacobean Initials D
    Algerian Initials D
    Chevalier Initials D
    Chisel Initials D
    Choc Initials D
    Davida Initials D
    Dextor Initials D
    Eckmann Initials D
    Hobo Initials D
    Mandarin Initials D
    Phyllis Initials D
    Nice Initials Initials
    Bradley Initials Initials
    American Uncial Initials D
    Arnold Boecklin Initials D
    Fette Fraktur Initials D
    Futura Black Initials D
    Goudy Handtooled Initials D
    Futura Initials D Extra Bold
    Aquitaine Initials LET
    Blasphemy Initials
    Carved Initials
    Celtic Initials
    Chapter Initials
    Chaucerian Initials
    Chiseled Initials
    Clockwork Initials
    Cloister Initials
    Curwen Initials
    Dopelganger Initials
    Fleurons Initials
    Gearhead Initials
    Gothic Initials Eight
    Gothic Initials Five
    Gothic Initials Four
    Gothic Initials Nine
    Gothic Initials One
    Gothic Initials Seven
    Gothic Initials Six
    Gothic Initials Three
    Gothic Initials Two
    Jugendstil Initials
    Morris Initials
    Museum Initials
    Nice Initials
    Peck Initials
    Pyle Initials I
    Rivoli Initials RR
    Savage Initials
    Schneidler Initials
    Spiral Initials
    Venice Initials
    Versatile Initials
    Aquitaine™ Initials
    Savage Initials
    1512 Initials Normal
    Doowop Initials JNL
    Naroid Initials JNL
    Nice Initials Text
    Nice Initials Text Two
    Ornate Initials Style One
    Ornate Initials Style Two
    Ornate Initials-Style Three
    Pocket Initials JNL
    RTF Posh Initials
    Sensual Initials JNL
    Wellsbrook Initials SG Bold
    Wellsbrook Initials SG Heavy
    Wellsbrook Initials SG Light
    Wellsbrook Initials SG Regular
    Chevalier™ Initials
    Carved Initials
    Initials Collection Value Pack
    Montara™ Bold Initials
    Viking Initials
    Ben Franklin™ Initials
    1479 Caxton Initials
    1525 Durer Initials
    LTC Goudy Initials
    LTC Jacobean Initials A
    LTC Jacobean Initials B
    LTC Jacobean Initials C
    LTC Ornamental Initials
    Maurice Dufrene Initials
    Nursery Rhyme Initials
    P22 Alpha Initials
    Bodoni Classic-Bambus Initials
    Bodoni Classic-English Initials
    Bodoni Classic-Floral Initials
    Bodoni Classic-Shadow Initials
    Longbranch Initials JNL-Regular
    Memoriam Initials (1000 Impressions)
    Memoriam Initials (10000 Impressions)
    Memoriam Initials (250 Impressions)
    Memoriam Initials (25000 Impressions)
    Monarchy Initials (1000 Impressions)
    Monarchy Initials (10000 Impressions)
    Monarchy Initials (250 Impressions)
    Monarchy Initials (25000 Impressions)

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